Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | April 20, 2010

Look who’s crawlin’

Howdy, folks!  Nate-the-new-crawler here.  My mommy thinks it’s sooo humorous to put an object I like just out of reach so I’ll crawl for it.  Then everybody jumps up and down and acts all goofy when I go for it.  What’s up with that?

Oh, boy!  My favorite blue ring and egg thingamajig!  I have got to get my mouth on those!

And I’m off!

Better smile for the camera and humor Mommy.

Now would be a good time to stop and lick the floor.  You know, just because.

Ahh, success.  How good it tastes.

What is that I see up ahead?  A stick?  From outside?  I have never tasted a stick from outside.  I must try it…

You mean I can’t have it?  You mean you don’t want me to crawl for it?  Of all the tricksy things…

And there’s my mommy taking pictures of my heartache so she can make a funny blog post.  Of all the nerve!  Exploiting her own baby!

What’s this?  You want me to chew on a carrot?  I have never tasted a carrot before…



  1. Beautiful pictures. He looks soooooo cute. Take care and God bless.

  2. That is so cute!! Nate is a handsome little fellow! reminds me of my little one. 😀

    Sweet post!

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