Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | April 10, 2010

This and That

Well, here I am TIRED again.  It’s a way of life, I think.

Today was a busy, busy day.  I’m pretty sure I only sat down to eat and nurse my baby… and that’s it.  When I’m tempted to grumble about how much I have to do or how tired I am, I try to be thankful that I’m able-bodied enough to work this hard.  How some people would love to have my health and be able to accomplish what I can.  (Not that I always accomplish all that I can:o) )

So what did I do?  This morning I made all of our cereal for the week.  Yep, lots.  Even if boxed cereal were nutritious, Josh would have to go out and get another job just for us to be able to afford it, the way my children eat.  So I make granola.  In a stock pot.  Then I store it in a bucket.  ‘s great for a quick breakfast with lots of blueberries and cold milk, and I don’t even have to fire up the cookstove several mornings a week.

Then I made five loaves of bread.  So now I have to introduce you to a new, very important addition to our family.  Meet:  the Assitent.  (Yes, that’s the way you spell it.  She’s a Swede.)

(She’s standing shyly over in the left corner.)  We purchased this sweetheart of a mixer so that we would be able to have a bread-making business, and to help us keep up with our own massive carbohydrate appetites.  She’ll hold up to 28 cups of flour, or make about nine regular sized loaves.  I have dreamed of this appliance for years.  Oh, how much easier it makes my life!

Now I know some of you are wondering how this electric appliance fits in to our off-grid ambitions.  That’s an entirely different post that I want to do, so… stay tuned.

Lots of cleaning today.  Putting away winter snow boots and accessories that were cluttering our mud room/pantry floor, cleaning out the refrigerator (well, not all of it, for that will take several days), mopping the kitchen, changing diapers, washing diapers, washing bed sheets, hanging bed sheets, feeding everyone…. you get the point.

I found these two in the yard deeply involved in acting out a very dramatic story, but they managed to pose for me anyway:

If you’re looking for Caleb, he’s with Josh.  All. the. time.

He was really working hard today.

What do you think of the greenhouse?  Oh, have I got a great story!  Josh wasn’t sure how tall he should make it this morning and was contemplating it for a while  before he started putting up the rafters.  He went ahead with the building and had a neighbor stop by and tell him he had a lot of old windows he might be interested in.  Josh agreed to come look at them, but wasn’t too optimistic that we’d be able to use them.  Well, of course they were perfect.  And of course they were six foot tall, just like the front wall of the greenhouse.  And of course there were enough of them.  And of course we were so surprised that we’d been spared the expense of buying the glass, but I don’t know why we were.  Our Heavenly Father does things like this for us ALL THE TIME!  From pianos to vehicles to king-sized beds, and a thousand other ways,  He’s been so kind to provide, often before we ever think to ask!


Have a blessed evening!



  1. Hi! Just wanted to see if you would post your granola breakfast recipe… always on the lookout for yummy breakfasts! Enjoy seeing your progress… we too have a farm/ranch in NE… your garden is inspiring!! Makes me think I need to get on out there already 🙂

  2. Isn’t wonderful how he provides for us even when we aren’t asking!! I have to tell you I have seen this in our lives so much I can’t even count how many times.

    My husband and I have worried from time to time how we would make a certain amount of money last or if we would be able to purchase enough groceries or come up with enough meals to last us until the next pay day and always always always we have had enough and more than enough each and everytime. Everytime this happens we are in awe of how wonderful things have worked out for us and each and every time we are reminded that he truely takes care of us has never forsaken us.
    A true example was this past year when we were expecting our 3rd child who was a completely wonderful suprise, we worried how we would be able to purchase the things we needed for her, a car set, etc because we had thought we would have no more children and had given away practically everything then out of the blue a lady my husband works with heard we were expecting and wondered to him if we would be interested in or minded any handme downs, of course my husband told her yes I would be interested and no I would not be offended or mind at all, this most generous woman gave us carseats, toddler beds, strollers, countless bags of clothes and all sorts of things. It was amazing!! Then we were given a shower and the generosity of family and friends was just overwhelming!!

    I have rambled on but I wanted to share how Great GOD truely is!! Thank you for sharing your green house story, I love your blog I have learned alot from it and can’t wait to read more!!


  3. Thanks for sharing. We, too have been so blessed to see God’s provision as we continue to trust in Him!

    The granola sounds like a wonderful idea! We have six children and my grandmother living with us and good, hearty, inexpensive breakfasts are hard to come up with. Would you mind sharing your recipe?

  4. I am so happy that you are posting so often. Your blog is my absolute favorite. How do you make granola? I have tried many recipes and ALL of them end up a big pile of mush.

  5. God is so good – and He is a wonderful -amazing provider.

  6. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have recently started making my own yogurt and I think some ganola would be excellent with it. I love your blog and so enjoy reading about your family and all you do. I pray your bread making venture will be successful. The loaves look beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your new mixer and how you make your bread. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  7. Sure does sound like a busy day! Boxed cereal is expensive, homemade granoal is the best! 🙂

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