Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | December 8, 2009

We gotta get out of this place…. later

I love snow.  Being a southern girl,  I’ve always wanted to be snowbound.  Visions of the Ingall’s family cozily gathered around the fire during a prairie blizzard have often made me wish I could be a part of that scene.  How exciting, right?

Just not now.

Now we need to be loading our van.  Now we need to be making our final preparations for a long vacation to Tennessee.

It ain’t happenin’.  Now.

Now, we are waiting for a blizzard.  There’s already 8- 10 inches of snow out there… and we are waiting on a blizzard!

This would have been quite the deal last week.  Sigh.

I imagine God must be thinking I’m pretty hard to please, huh.

I am thankful.  Thankful especially for this:

Our house stays above 70 degrees.  Our whole house, mind you.  Wood heat warms you to the very bone.  So when the electricity goes out, which they have already warned us that it probably will tonight– how nice, we’ll still be oh so warm.  Here’s a picture for you, from the upstairs window earlier today:

And our trademark red dog house that the dogs will not sleep in:

If it weren’t for that one, pesky dinner invitation Friday night with tons of friends at our most favorite restaurant in the wide world, leaving a day or two behind schedule wouldn’t be that big of a deal, I suppose.  We are enjoying the coziness, but a couple of my babies are sniffling for the first time in a year.  What is it with these long, much anticipated trips that makes my children sick when they NEVER get sick otherwise?  That means it’s time for Mama’s arsenal to make its appearance:

Forget Obamacare.  This is healthcare in a Caboodle.  See, you ladies of the early nineties have always wondered what you should do with your caboodles.  Supplements, vitamins, and tinctures my friends.  You CAN win the war on snotty noses.

So, bring on the blizzard, the wind, the -20 windchill… we can take it.  And when things don’t go our way, it’s just another opportunity to teach our children, and OURSELVES, that:

ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord…

… even if we don’t make it to Mahogany’s on time.



  1. All three of our girls got the flu this year — and, mind you, NOT all at one time. I also packed a not-so-little portable container with the thermometer, fever medicine (different kinds for big or small bodies), night time relief, daytime relief, etc. It was so NICE to know exactly where everything was at one time! Hope your family sticks with the sniffles and that blizzard moves on so YOU CAN TOO!!

  2. Being from the South I would love to see that much snow. It did actually snow here last week and it barely stuck. But still the roads were icy and so we were stuck at home. Which I did LOVE during the day but come nighttime I just wanted to get out and run to the store. I don’t know if I could last through a few days of being stuck. Hope you guys get to go soon.:)

  3. That’s what we are looking like right now and we too heat with wood and love it. Only when it gets really cold our far upstairs bedroom in our old farm house gets really cold. Like see your breath cold.

  4. Hope all is well at your farm….missing your posts!!

  5. I’ve been to your blog a few times, but it’s been a while. I just loved your post, “Baby Love” and wanted to say thanks – I can relate. I live in NE on an acreage, though not debt-free. I homeschool my kids: 7, 6, 5, 3, 6wks and can’t imagine life without any of them, either. Hope you’re still enjoying the snow!

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