Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | November 22, 2009

Baby Love

How dearly I love this sweet baby boy.  How hard it is already to imagine my life without him.  How did I live without him snuggling at my side all night, without running my nose through the blonde fuzz on top of his head, without those bright blue eyes following my every move?  It beats me.


I remember very clearly a time when I did NOT want six children.  Wasn’t so very long ago, in fact.  I wanted the “status” that comes with having a large family, loved my children dearly,  but I didn’t want my family to be TOO large.  Five was an acceptable number in my mind.  Five would be considered a big family, but would still be on the sane side according to public opinion, right?  Six would just tip us over the top, and, well seven?  That would mean we were freaky, scary people and so not… normal.  Shudder.  Where was I getting my numbers?  Can anyone say leaning on my own understanding? Yep, not too proud of how good I am at that.


Look at this face.  Look at what we could have missed.  Would I trade this for “normal” or “socially acceptable”?



I’d have to be crazy!  Now my perspective has changed but I still play the numbers game sometimes.  NOW I think, “OK, as long as we don’t have more than ten…” and yet I know that I’d love number eleven, if God would graciously allow us that many,  just as much as I love number six!


Alright, this wasn’t meant to be a post about how many children is ideal— I just wanted to share my heart.  My poor, confused sometimes, overflowing with love and gratitude, got so many to love that sometimes I feel like jumping up and down and squealing, heart.


I LOVE BEING A MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry.  Can’t help it.




  1. Aww, your littlest fella sure is getting big! What a sweetie indeed… We just found out that we’re expecting #4 Lord willing in July. It’s been a long wait for baby #4 but God has blessed us, and we’re still just in Awe of His miracle. My DH had a vasectomy reversal a year ago Dec. 1, and it took us almost 2 yrs to arrange the reversal. It’s been almost six yrs since our last child was born, so you can just imagine or Joy, excitement, and how humbled we are before the Lord for this blessing.
    Blessings to you and yours, KA

  2. Could he be any cuter? I certainly don’t think so. I just want to grab him up and squish his precious cheeks. I can’t believe how big he is already. They grow up way too fast don’t they? Enjoy every second with your precious kiddos. Being a mom is the greatest gift ever. 🙂

  3. Life is a gift and there’s no need to apologize for cherishing it!

  4. Oh man those eyes!! I am a sucker for those eyes!!

  5. I enjoy all your writings and your pictures. You have beautiful children. The baby is no exception. Hes a little doll baby.I’m so proud for you and your fine family. I’m also glad your momma got back home. We miss her and her potatoes when she’s gone.

  6. Such a cute and happy looking baby boy. I just love my babies too. Having babies is a busy time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. They are such precious gifts.

  7. I loved this post! I could totally relate! I am guilty of playing the numbers game too!

  8. man, I can’t wait to kiss those chubby cheeks!!!

  9. Delightful post!

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