Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | November 17, 2009

One of THOSE days…

You know, one of those WONDERFUL days!

We woke up yesterday morning to our first sizable snow.  Nothing makes me feel more cozy than a cold, snowy day and a warm, warm house.  God is so good!

And here’s a very pleased Beloved.  Because, as you know, snow is the REAL reason we moved to Nebraska.

And to think, a few weeks ago, it looked like this outside:

Wait!  This day got even better.  I got a VERY nice surprise.  Do you remember that 15 passenger van I mentioned a while back?  My darling finally went and brought it home!

Yes, I’m spoiled.  I know it.  Sometimes I feel as if I get everything I could possibly want and that I don’t deserve it at all.  Our Father is so kind to us, even without all these tremendous blessings.  I just want my heart to know that He is enough, all by Himself.  Still, He delights in giving His children good gifts, as weak and undeserving as they are!

Even on those BIG days, sometimes it’s the smallest things that delight your heart the most.  Like starting off to bed to find that someone is trying desperately to walk in some mighty big footsteps.

Life is beautiful, because He is beautiful.



  1. That last picture is just so precious! My hubby is just the opposite when it comes to snow. He just hates to be cold. And NY definitely gets its share of snow! Your van looks familiar! We have a 15-passenger that same color, just a bit older. Yours is pretty! 🙂

  2. Oh! Snow is such a delight. I can’t wait for our first here in the midwest. And, the van! So wonderful for you. We just received a new (to us) 15-passenger very recently.

    I appreciate the tidbits you share about your life. It looks like what we want our lives to be.

    God is definitely good.


  3. I forgot to ask – is it a Ford? It looks very much like ours.


  4. I don’t know which is better… the first snow of the season… or a new van. Congratulations on both.

  5. Wow! A van like that used to be my dream vehicle.

  6. That last picture is precious!!

  7. Lovely pics! ditto other on the last pic! 🙂

    We had our first snow fall the night our baby was born last month. We haven’t had any since, but it is getting colder again, so I expect we will see snow soon. For now we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. 🙂

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