Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | November 11, 2009

Oh, yeah. It’s that good.

october- nov 2009 041

Is your milk this good?  Does your two year old like to kiss the milk jar?  For all of you that do not have your own unpasteurized, un-homogenized, un-messed with, raw, creamy, jersey milk—— I am truly sorry.  I was once just like you.  I once thought that milk from a grocery store tasted swell until I had my first taste of well, actual milk.  No, I don’t kiss the milk jar, but I have thought about it.


october- nov 2009 040

It does a body good!  Click here if you’d like some info as to why.  Me, I’m just gonna go have some more.



  1. hehehe, that’s funny!!
    He is soooooooo cute!!

  2. Yum! Friends of mine live on a dairy farm. I don’t like warm milk, but I always love stealing some cool milk from the fridge. It tastes so good, and I like knowing it was from that morning’s milking.

    And yes, I have to restrain myself from licking the jars sometimes too! ;P

  3. The cow who normally gives us our milk is due to calf soon and isn’t giving us any. I am SO missing our milk. I keep telling Jeremiah we need to get our own cow. Maybe some day.

  4. Hey, you could send some o’ that back east!!

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