Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 27, 2009

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

At least I’ll try!


I received a few “so how are you doing that?” kind of questions in regard to the last post, so I’ll try to answer a few.  I’m a little pushed for time so this will probably be a little choppy and uninteresting.  Probably most of you know this stuff already, so just skip it if you’d like!


My Beloved sold his landscaping business two years ago, sold our house (which we did have equity in), sold our vehicles, and basically scrounged up everything we could in order to purchase a home and some land debt- free.  God gave us the desire to support ourselves from our own land as we all worked together.  We moved to Nebraska from Tennessee because he had a job offer here and the land was so much cheaper here.  We needed for him to have a temporary job as we transitioned into this lifestyle and got our own operation off the ground.  He worked and we rented a house for about a year while we looked for our own place.  We finally bought our property this past January:  a house and five acres for  $17,500.  It’s not as much land as we had hoped for initially, but God has a way of being smarter than we are, and we are finding that it’s just perfect for our needs.


So, how do we plan on making this work financially?  Good question!  Wish we knew!  Okay, seriously, we’re taking this day by day, praying for wisdom, and trusting in our faithful God’s provision.  At this point, we are still dipping into our savings.  We are trying to live, as much as possible, as though we don’t have any.  Our hope is to sell enough honey and produce to supply what little cash we will need as we attempt to grow and raise almost all of our own food supply. (You can’t grow salt, bananas, and coconut oil round here, ya know.)  We know that this is a process and will take at least a couple of years to accomplish, by His grace, hence the need for savings and hence trying to live as if we don’t have any!!!  This year our goal was only to grow our own food, not to sell any yet, but He provided us with a great crop and we were able to make a little cash.  Yes, it was enough to pay property taxes, should Beloved decide to use it for that purpose.  Which reminds me of one more advantage to having a small piece of property, and that is low taxes!


Yes, this lifestyle will require a lot of adjusting and reprioritizing.  There are going to be a lot of sacrifices needing to be made, but there is just no comparison to the trade-off.  We know that this will teach us a level of dependency on Him that we’ve never had before and that it is a huge investment in the lives of our children.  We are honored and excited to be on this journey!



  1. Hi,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now & think it’s wonderful what you are doing. Isn’t God wonderful to provide extra harvest. Your 5 acres certainly looks very productive & lovely.
    Oh & I just have to say I love your new stove!
    Renata 🙂

  2. I love reading your story and how you have gone about doing things. I wonder how far away from the house is your summer kitchen. We are planning on tripling our garden size next year and I think a summer kitchen would be a great project for this winter.

  3. Can I ask another question? I’m wondering how you plan on using your James washer in the winter. To my understanding it looks like you would need to use it outside, so will you continue even in the cold months? I like the idea of it, but living in a more northern area, it would be hard for me to use something like it from about Nov. to April-ish. So I’m curious to know how you plan to use it! Thanks!

  4. Your family is an inspiration to me. We too have been drawn to a debt free life style. As I have researched ways of doing this, I ran across your blog. We are planing to take this leap very soon. We are a bit older than your husband and yourself. (43-45) But I do believe with my whole heart that the Lord has laid this on our hearts for a reason. We are not sure where we are to go just yet. I was wondering if all property is that cheap, or was that just a great find. I would love to hear from you. We lived in Kansas for some time and was wondering if Nebraska was similar in weather and such. We are very down to earth and a little on the plain side.
    Keep up the amazing work. I know the Lord will continue to bless you and keep you.
    In Christ

  5. Thanks for sharing, Kim. Isn’t it interesting how many people have these same questions? I’m constantly asking them, myself. Sometimes OF myself. “How am I going to do this or that?” So many of us are so far removed from what was commonplace only two or three generations ago. And how fascinating to see how many of us want to get back there! We hang on the words of those further down the old path…


  6. Amazing and thanks for sharing!!

    Yes you did answer our questions and I hope to continue to learn from you and your family and this blog!!

    Thanks Again!!

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