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Promise and Provision

october 09 002

I’ve been so anxious to share with everyone how abundantly our Lord has blessed us this year.  I fear I could go on all day and still not do Him justice!  I want to try, however, to give you a taste of His goodness concerning our food supply.

The picture above is our main pantry.  The shelves are three jars deep, and there are also boxes and boxes of jars along the floor that you can’t see.  Oh, and let’s not forget the two freezers in the back room, full of meat and vegetables.  We have over 200 quarts of corn and 150 quarts of green beans alone!  I don’t have a good count on the other produce, but there’s looooots  of:  whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup, pickles, saurkraut, applesauce, beets, salsa, zucchini, carrots, and cherries.  Oh, and don’t forget the 2000 pounds (really!!) of potatoes and 400 pounds of onoins in our neighbor’s cellar and 36 gallons of honey harvested!  Not to mention all the fresh, raw milk, butter, and cream we can hold.  And eggs.  Yahweh is so merciful to us, and we are so full!

By the way, lest you think I slaved over the canner all summer in my hugely pregnant state, well, I didn’t.  My Beloved took care of the vast majority, and included the children in much of it.  They much preferred the canning to picking and breaking beans— which they did all by themselves!

Here are some pictures of tomato processing.  This took place right after Nathanael was born, when my mother was here serving us (for a month!), and I was sooo glad someone was here to help Josh.  You know you have a lot of tomatoes when you just about feel like crying for your husband when you see another bucket or box full!  I don’t feel like crying, though, when I want to make vegetable soup now!

sept 09 035

sept 09 038

sept 09 042

sept 09 039

sept 09 033

sept 09 043

sept 09 040

sept 09 041

We’ve also been enormously blessed in the wood department.  A summer storm brought down a GIGANTIC oak tree in town, which was generously donated to us.  My dear daddy and Josh spent many days cutting and hauling.  Daddy was so good to split the wood for Josh while he was occupied with many other things.  Running the splitter is one of Ashlynne’s all-time favorite things to do!

sept 09 052

sept 09 053

And now with our new cookstove supplying all of our heat, hot water, and cooking, I feel like the most blessed woman on the planet!  Truly all the glory goes to our Father.  Without Him we could do nothing, and without Him all this would be meaningless.

Soli deo gloria!!!!!



  1. Ohhhhhhhh Kim!! That pantry is amazing! I cried at your pics this time…knowing full well how much time has gone into making all that fabulous food! I don’t even know you, but I’m so proud of you! I love your blog and your way of life…it simply makes me cry!!

  2. Exactly what she said! Tears came to my eyes. Honestly. What wonderful, incredible provision!!! I KNOW all the hard work that goes into those things. I am SO encouraged to know that it can be done.
    We did maybe a 1/4 of what your family did and it was almost all I could manage, and me not even pregnant! (Do you think it’s harder while pregnant or while nursing an infant?) But then, it was strictly the children and I, except for the initial tilling by Bobby. He does want to get to where we’re growing/raising most of our own food and if we can get to the place where he can be home most of the time he will be more helpful – if I can teach him, he says. After our talk he went out and mucked the barn and put up a little fencing. =) Baby steps!
    I should say he is great in the firewood department (right now we’re only heating with it – I love your Kitchen Queen!) and we don’t have a log splitter apart from his brute strength.

    Here’s to a Yahweh-reliant lifestyle!


    (I love the pics of the kids with their tomatoes… My children love to model produce, too!)

  3. You guys have been so blessed! That pantry is incredible. We planted our very first tomatoes this past summer. We only planted 2 little ones because this was our first year doing it and my dd LOVES tomatoes and was thrilled with the idea of growing her own. She grew 30 tomatoes this summer and ate every single one with a little help from little brother. Next year I am hoping to plant quite a few so we can can them.

    I can only imagine how much hard work went into all of that. Thanks for sharing your photos and story. I always get so excited whenever I open up bloglines and see a new post from you is waiting.Thanks for sharing your families journey with us..:):)

  4. I forgot to ask you….Where did you get your cans? Whenever I see them in the store they are SOOOOO expensive. Like $10 for 6 of them. My MIL gave me a book on canning because I really want to learn how but when I saw the cost I was thinking no way. I know you can get the jars at thrift/resale shops but I also heard that you have to buy new lids each year instead of re-using them. So how did you guys keep the cost affordable? I really want to be able to can something next year.LOL. Thanks.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! What blessings have been poured out upon you all! So exciting to see that you are well stocked! One day I hope to be able to grow most of my future family’s food, I’ll have to come visit and take lessons from you on how to do it!

  6. I am in awe of how much food your family was able to harvest and can. Wow…what a blessing. I love the feeling of going down to the “pantry” to grab a jar of home canned goodness. Love the Kitchen Queen too!

  7. Wow, How amazing!! I thought I had canned alot but nothing in comparison to what you all have put up for your family.

    Each year we can a little more than the last and next year I hope holds the same for us!!

    Love the blog and love learning right along with you!!

  8. Oh if you don’t mind answering after showing off your wonderful pic of all your canning my hubs was asking questions and I answered them to the best of my ability from what I have learned reading your blog, I told my hubs that you are an off grid family and that your hubby left the working world and is working at home for his family now. Dh asked me how do you pay your taxes? What he means is do you grow enough produce that your suppling your needs as well as enough to sell to make money to supply the rest of your needs besides food? I think dh would love to find away for him to be home more but we still have a mortgage and other bills so I guess he is trying to gather info on how we could do the same thing by supplying our needs and keeping him home more.
    Like I said if you don’t mind answering we are very curious, but if we are being too nosey I am sorry to bother you with the questions.


  9. Yeah, what Dana said :-). If you have an earlier post or two that explains your life, could you post a link to it? I’m gathering bits and pieces of your life as I read, but what thinking went into your major life decisions/changes? What was response of your families? From what source is your income? And any more of your story that you’d be willing to share. I love your posts because we want to be there with you. We’re working on it. Your life is an encouragement to us.

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