Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 14, 2009

Lots of random cuteness…

Long time, no post, huh?

To say things have been busy would be almost laughable, but my brain is too tired and full to think of a more eloquent way to say it!  I have many, many great posts rolling around in my head…. ah, well, in due time, I hope!  Here are some pictures I just want to do something with:

sept 2009 010

Here’s Nathanael sporting his very first cloth diaper.  This is the first time I’ve had two children in cloth full time.  It’s working quite well now, though I spend quite a bit of time with the toilet!  (Die to self, die to self….)  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, so there’s lots more chubby goodness on those legs now.  (Check out his “man socks” as us girls call them!)

sept 2009 005

This was our first outing with six children.  It was yard saling, of course. I hope no one reports us or anything, but we have two children sharing a buckle presently.  Let me hear someone say 15 passenger van! Actually, we are looking and praying about one right now.

sept 2009 009

Did I mention that Pop and Grannie got to come meet Nathanael?  You would not believe how wonderfully full our home has been lately!  Oh, the Lord has blessed us so much!  Oh, the stories I’d like to tell!  This was Grannie and Nathanael’s very first meeting!

Nathanael may actually hold the record for number of kisses received from siblings.  Caleb kisses him constantly! He’s never been anything but gentle with him, however, Nathanael is getting a bit weary of all the attention as of late!  And there is never, never a lack for someone to hold him.  Nope.  He’s spoiled all right.

sept 2009 008

sept 2009 007

sept 2009 003

sept 2009 001

sept 2009 002

Girls Photo Shoot September 2009 262

This little one will actually sleep throught the night occasionally already!  Other nights he usually only wakes me up once.  It has taken me six children before I had one that would do that!  He’s very easy going.  As long as you fill that little tummy up every three hours or so, and find a pair of arms that are willing to snuggle him up (which isn’t hard),  he’s very content.  Well, except when you put him in the bathtub.  Not a happy man then!

More news to come, Lord willing!

May He bless you all!



  1. I have commented in my own family that our 10th baby has had waaayyy more kisses and snuggles than the first (or second, or third, etc.). My poor firstborn had only a mom and dad. My 10th-born has eleven other people to love her. Wow!

  2. Oh yeah, lovin’ on the baby… Look at them go!
    You probably read on my blog how we modified our big Chevy van to fit an 8th passenger… and now we’ve bought a 12 passenger. The extra room is wonderful! And the gas mileage isn’t that bad.

    Post when you can… we’re all waiting!

  3. What a cutie! Looks like everyone is doing their fair share of loving him!

  4. Looks to me like you are doing every thing right.My girls were commenting on your writing the other night. They think you should write a book . But I beleive you are writing a book. Just have it pubished in about twenty five years when you get all thes kids raised. Missed you at the Cooper reunion. But I got to see alot of pictures of the kids. Love Margie

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