Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | September 22, 2009

First “Big Trip” with Daddy

sept 09 012

Do you see a happy boy?

Josh always takes one of the children when he runs errands.  The girls always keep up with whose turn is next, of course.   The outing usually consists of running to the feed store, hardware store, bank, and of course a trip to Casey’s General Store to pick out the doughnut of their choice.  Oh, yeah, it’s a very big deal.  Josh almost never leaves without one of them.  This time, however, the girls had to step aside and make way for The Boy.  It was tractor buying time— and time for Caleb to fit into the rotation.

sept 09 010

Sisters had to kiss and kiss him before he could leave.

sept 09 011

Could there be anything more exciting for a boy?

sept 09 013



  1. What a big boy!

    I bet Josh had just as much fun as Caleb :).

  2. What a cutie. Would it surprise you that we have the same kind of trip-to-town-with-Daddy cycle going on aruond here? Didn’t think so. =)


  3. I’m sure he felt so grown up going to town with daddy. He looks thrilled!

  4. Your boys are so precious.I did’t realize little boy’s could be such a joy until ours starting coming. When are you sending your Momma home. We miss her mashed potatoes. Actually we miss her alot to. I just now figured out how to write to you. I’ve been enjoying your blog for months now. Love you all, Margie

    • Hey Margie! Great to hear from you! I actually said goodbye to Mom just this morning. And, yes, I got lots of mashed potatoes while she was here! I hope to get to see you in December!

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