Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | August 14, 2009

36 weeks… I can’t BELIEVE I’m posting this!

august 2009

I love expecting a baby.  I love the kicks, the hiccups, the anticipation of what’s to come.  I love praying for my little one and sharing in the expectation with all of my children.  The wondering…

But I do not love belly pictures… of myself.

Other people?  Oh, beautiful!  Pregnant women are the most beautiful women in the world!

But not when it’s you.

You know those women who go have professional pictures taken of their BARE pregnant bellies?  Nuts.  Either that or they have way too much self esteem!

What I do have are dear family members far away that want to, you know, see how I’m doing (aka:   see just how humongous I’ve become).  So here it is.

After this picture was taken and I looked at it on the camera, I gave a little involuntary gasp and asked my Beloved, “Do I look this big in real life?”  To which he answered, “Um, well, …yeah.”  (Having no full length mirrors in the house really allows you to be in denial!)

See what I just did?  I put him into one of those positions that a loving wife should never do.  He would either have to LIE or pretty much affirm that I was fat.  Win-win situation, huh?



  1. You are most definitely one of those beautiful pregnant women!

  2. I loved my pregnant belly pictures and I love yours too!!

  3. Honestly, I know you won’t believe it, but you really do look great. Remember that there is a whole live baby in that belly! An awesome thought every time to me.

    Loved your post on your son’s two birthdays. I can so relate to that preggo brain and I enjoyed the laugh at your expense.

  4. I think you look wonderful! Congratulations and I hope everything goes smoothly. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. You are wayyyyyy skinnier than me…and I’m NOT pregnant!! I think you look lovely.

  6. I especially love the pose by the official painting . . . but you are beautiful. Got any ideas about gender??

  7. Okay Kim,

    I am not sure, but I think that is the biggest of your bellies thus far. But, I could be lacking in memory. I can’t remember exactly how big you were with Rach? The nice thing is… It is all belly!!

    You look beautiful! I can’t wait to see you ALL!!

    Miss you LOTS!

    Aunt Brandi

  8. Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister!!!! I love you so much, Kim, and I’m so thankful that you’re a part of our family!!!!! Hope your day is wonderful!

  9. Yay! Pretty soon! I am due Oct. 9th with our 4th. we are having a boy. Do you have any idea what you’re having?

  10. I’ve enjoyed your last few posts, but haven’t taken the time to do any commenting lately. I hope that all is going well in Nebraska. I can’t believe you only have a few more weeks until your baby is due! I’m praying for a healthly delivery and baby. You look fabulous! Take care.

  11. You look beautiful! I understand how you feel, I look at myself and feel the same way. LOL I’m 32 weeks now…

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