Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | August 5, 2009

Some moms just have it all together

Apparently….  this is not one of them.

So, guess what.  All day today, I’ve told my little boy happy birthday.  I’ve catered to his whims, waddled after him in the yard anywhere he wanted to go, fixed his favorite foods, and reminisced about the day he was born.  Sound pretty normal?  Well, guess what.

Today was not his birthday.

You read that right.

I’m so stinkin’ goofy.  Tell me it’s just the pregnant brain doing this to me.  Since last week, I’ve been off one day.  I’ve had it in my head all along that today, Wednesday, is the sixth— my only son’s birthday.  Well, at least I’m a day early, not a day late.  I really would have felt like a louse then.  Now I guess the real test of my mother’s sentimentality will be if I feel as warm and fuzzy toward my baby tomorrow as I have today.

His sisters don’t really understand.  So now Caleb gets TWO birthdays?  Maybe I should have just pretended that everyone celebrates two days when they turn two.  But only two.  Not when you turn nine or eleven or seven.  Nope, not then.

Oh, goodness.  I’m surprised he even made it to two years old.  His momma is so all together!



  1. LOL, I thought I remembered that the 5th was the day before you had him and yu were in a wedding. But I thought it was my Mommy brain playing tricks on me. Oh well, still blessed to share a birthday month with the little guy 🙂

  2. I’m guessing your assumption had something to do with Mom thinking our anniversary was on the 4th….meaning Caleb’s birthday was on the 5th…logical conclusion, albeit wrong. 🙂

    I daresay I shall never forget your first son’s birthday. 😉

  3. Ha! We can definitely blame it on pregobrain. I’m always embarrassed when people ask my kids’ birthdays, and I have to think about it for a minute. And I’m not pregnant. We’ll call that mommy brain.

  4. You are doing just great. We didn’t have to wait a minute on Caleb’s birthday page!
    Are you preparing a ‘Kim’ birthday page???.

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