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He’s 2! Happy Birthday Little Man!

july fourth 2009 014

I’m absolutely smitten with my littlelest man.  I’m loved by many little people in my home, but there’s just something about the innoncence of this age that makes a little one completely blind to any of their mother’s faults and completlely adoring of the unworthy.  He loves me.  He really does.  And right at this moment he is my favorite little boy in the whole world!  Let me tell you some of my favorite Caleb stories!

august 2009 003

Caleb loves to feel needed.  He loves to have a job.  Digging potatoes, riding on the tractor with his dad, going along at milking time– these are highlights of his day.  I wish I had a picture of the look on his face after he and his daddy  finish moving the chicken tractor in the evenings.  Josh will say something like, ” Mom, we got the chickens moved,” and his little face just beams with pride.  During a long car trip last week, Josh looked back at Caleb in his carseat and said, “Buddy, we’re going to have to move those chickens when we get home.”  I looked back to see a big grin on his face as he looked out the van window.  Josh is working on his perseverance, though.  Beloved informed me the day they were loading potatoes into buckets that Caleb just didn’t want to stick it out to the end and commenced to playing in the dirt after a while.  Being the soft-hearted Mommy, I objected, “Well, he’s not even two yet!  What do you expect?”  Josh said, “I don’t expect to wait until he’s older to start finishing his jobs.”

prairieland dairy 2009 017

Caleb loves to give kisses.  Really loves to.  He can’t go more than a couple of feet away without coming to kiss me goodbye.  “Bye, Mama!”  He’ll say while tugging at my skirt.  If  I’m too busy to lean down for my kiss, or if it’s only been 15 seconds since my last one and I’m trying to ignore him and continue with whatever I’m doing he’ll tug again and say, “Mouth!”  to let me know I need to get down there and get what I have coming.  If he still gets ignored sometimes he’ll stamp his little foot and look at me like, “Woman! Don’t you know what you’re missing!”  At least that’s my interpretation.

prairieland dairy 2009 010

Whenever a tractor comes down our road, which is quite frequently here, his eyes get wide and he runs for the nearest window.  Yesterday, Beloved was taking a little snooze in the bedroom when Caleb, hearing one of the “big ones” coming,  flies past me and runs to pounce on his daddy.  “Da-da!  Cracker!”  All I heard from his dad was, “Good grief, Caleb!”  I suppose Caleb thought it was pointless to inform a mere mother of the coming spectacle.  Only Da-da will do when motors are involved!

apr 09 012

Caleb is quite fond of all his sisters, but none of them have his heart quite like Rachel.  She does take him to bed with her and get him water in the middle of the night if he asks and sing his bedtime song to get him back to sleep if he needs it.  Not to mention she takes him along to do the chicken chores many mornings.  What’s not to love, huh?  One of my very favorite early morning sites is Caleb perched atop the feedbox watching Rachel go about her work.

Rachel’s brother spoiling mission began quite early.  This picture was taken just days after she proclaimed that she did NOT want the new baby to be a boy.  We were a girl family and that was how it needed to stay.  Ye-ah.


Here he is last year on his first birthday.  Hasn’t he grown?

aug2008 033

We will have no greater joy, son, than to hear that you walk in Truth!  We love you so very much, Big Boy!



  1. I am so blessed to share a birthday with such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Caleb!

  2. Oh that is SO sweet! Rohan will be 2 in a couple months, and I just can’t believe it! Caleb sounds a lot like Rohan – likes to help and likes to be loved on. Happy birthday, Caleb!

  3. Just got your web site from Brenda Miller she was at my sister house yesterday and she gave it to her your family is beautiful you look so much like your mother. This is Dereks email address I know he would love to hear from you He is still in Japan and doing good. This is his addressVFA-27 Unit 25392 FPO AP 96601

    • Hi Anita! Thanks for saying hello! I would love to drop Derek a line. He’s such a sweetie!

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