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Our favorite four year old!

july fourth 2009 018

I’m continuously awed and humbled that my Father would allow me to be a mother.  At times I feel breathless with the responsibility of it all and want to cry out, “Why me?  I don’t deserve all this!  I’m so unworthy!”  I’m unworthy of the joys, the honor, and the opportunity to die to myself that motherhood brings, but oh, I’m so thankful!  Every time one of my children celebrates another year of life I go back in my mind to the very moment I met them and I just can’t believe it all over again!  Besides the gift of salvation through Christ, is there any better gift Yahweh could bestow?  I’ll take it.  Call me “greedy” for His good gifts, but oh, I love them so much!


Sweetheart, we are so blessed to have you in our home!  How we love you!

kate's fourth birthday 014

A bonnet and an apron:  two very useful tools for a hard-working prairie girl!  The apron is to encourage her as she learns to serve others and the bonnet is to keep the sun off her face while she picks beans, weeds the garden, rides her bike, makes mudpies—– you know.  The usual.

kate's fourth birthday 015

I know some sissies who think she’s pretty special!  Even if it does embarass her a little!

kate's fourth birthday 019

Kate is well known for her daily deliveries of mud cakes, mud cookies, dirt pizzas, and other such dainties.  She almost always has black, Nebraska dirt underneath those fingernails.  In her honor I thought I would try to trick surprise her with an Oreo dirt cake.  I was hoping for a pout or a whimper at being presented with dirt for a birthday cake.  However, I got this little smile.  After tasting it she informed me, “It tastes pretty good, Mama!”

kate's fourth birthday 024

Caleb enjoyed the dirt.  No, wait.  He always does.

Katharina received a slew of presents in the mail from grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Now she thinks, or hopes, that every vehicle that passes is a delivery truck!  How wonderful to know that people so far away still think of you on your special day!

kate's fourth birthday 026

Compare the above picture with the one below, taken on her third birthday.  Is it just me or does she look so very much more grown-up? Oh my, it really was a blink and look at what happened!  How I pray that I would use this precious, short time I have wisely!

july2008 032

Thank you, Father, for such a delight!  Help us to continuously, moment by moment, word by word, action by action,  point her to You.



  1. Such humbling blessings. Congratulations to your family and honor unto the Lord.

  2. Happy Birthday Katharina :o)

    Our Miss Emily also shares today for a birthday, turning 3 :o). I pray she grows into a blessing to The Lord as you are.

    Have a wonderful birthday.


  3. Happy Birthday Katie boo!!!

    Did you get your card in the mail???

    We miss you (all)!!!

    Hugs and kisses,

    Aunt Brandi

  4. That was a beautiful tribute to your daughter and to the joy of being mama. Thanks for your encouraging spirit.

  5. Oh Kim, how do you always manage to write just how I feel?
    Happy Birthday to your sweet “big” little 4 year old! Oh how the time passes so quickly. How I love each wonderful day the Lord has so graciously given me! How he has taught me to cherish each day…each little moment! How I have come to realize more and more how much I need Him, His wisdom, grace and strength as I teach by word and deed! How wonderful and faithful and loving He is to give all those things when I ask Him! Oh, He is so good isn’t He!!
    love you!!

  6. What a sweetie! New to your blog, so enjoy it! 🙂

  7. Happy birthday to your little one! I have a son who will be 4 in September. 🙂 The can change so much in one year, can’t they. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful post!

  8. 4 year olds are so precious!!

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