Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 9, 2009

A Festive Fourth

july fourth 2009 011

We had such a memorable Independence Day!  A sweet “young” lady in our little town has adopted us and invited us to a celebration in Liberty, Nebraska, (how appropriate, right?)  It’s a tiny little town that likes to do it up big on the fourth.  There was a big community dinner (people around here cannot get together without food),  and then lots of socializing and fireworks.  As you can imagine, the children were very excited about the day!  No one, however, was quite as enthused as Lauren.  She literally laughed the entire time.  At every. single. firework!  She’s such a hoot!

july fourth 2009 016

Sisters shared secrets…

july fourth 2009 015

Little Man liked it… at first.  At least the small ones.  After they started booming, though, he and mom got to take a trip into the community building and watch from the doorway.  Even now, several days later, he will tell you, “Boom, boom, hot!”

july fourth 2009 010

Momma’s blessings:

july fourth 2009 005

After dinner and fireworks it was time to … eat again!  What else?  Free ice cream this time.  I’m telling you, Nebraska’s not bad!

Hope your day was filled with the love of family and the peace of Christ, as well!


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