Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | June 8, 2009

See! I really am expecting!

june 09

I had someone comment recently that I didn’t look like I was really expecting.  Well, there’s no hiding it now!  I’m 26 weeks along now and finally have that unmistakeable bump.  And I love it!

And the excitement is growing all the time!  Rather than becoming ho-hum, the more pregnancies I have, the more I am simply awestruck by every little detail.  This is miraculous, folks!  What an honor to be made a woman and to be able to carry a new life!

So, all you belly readers out there, boy or girl?



  1. Great picture! You have that happy, healthy glow about you.

    Being a mom is so much fun!

  2. Not a belly reader, but I am thinking a girl! I do miss it so much 🙂


  3. beautiful!!!! I wish I could see you in person though… sigh…. by the way, did you see your pretty babies on my blog?

  4. I think a boy:)

    I was told if you sit down and your belly sits on your lap it’s a boy….and if not, a girl. It was true for me…but regardless it’s fun to guess!

  5. You look great! And I think I see some bright color on that wall behind you too!

  6. You look beautiful and I love the baby bump!

    I’m 21 weeks with baby #6 and I so enjoy being pregnant. Such a precious miracle! Special gifts from God.

  7. I’m thinking boy!! Found your blog, remember me?

  8. You look so happy! I have also heard (and experienced) that girls are carried high and boys low. I’ll guess boy, but I’ve been wrong before:) The summer kitchen looks great! And your “new” stove, too!

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