Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | June 5, 2009

Katharina Elise…

june 09 008

You’ll only be three years  old for another month and my mommy sentimentality has been working overtime lately.  I had a difficult time falling asleep last night because I kept thinking of a wonderful scenario, and I thought you ought to know about it.

Heaven is incomprehensibly wonderful simply because of the fact that we’ll spend eternity there in the very presence of Christ.  Period.  But what if there are other wonderful things in store that we can only imagine or could never even dream up?  What if our Father is planning up individual joys and pleasures for each one of us?  What would be one thing we would like?

june 09 004

I have always, always mourned and lamented the passing of time.  What if, during our eternity worshiping Christ, He gave us the gift of a little time back?  Here is what I would do with some of mine:

I would notice the feel of your little hand holding mine more often— you’ve always been a tight-hand-holder.  I would really study every picture you drew instead of just glancing and saying, “Oh, how nice, sweetheart!”  Every time you asked, eyes wide and imploring, I would let you sleep with me.  And there would never be a time that I didn’t have the time to read you that book… again.  Just sitting, watching you play, marveling that my father gave you to me, would be my favorite pastime.  Cataloging all your facial expressions might take half of eternity, but I would like to try!  You are, by far, the most animated child I’ve ever had!  And there’s no way that I would ever be too tired to sing you your bedtime song, ever again.

june 09 005

Lots more kisses.  Lots more toting you around on my hip.  Remembering your precious mispronunciations.  How soft and wispy your baby hair is.  Your pouty lower lip.  Writing down some of the stories that you and Lauren act out.  Reliving it all, over and over…

june 09 009

june 09 007

june 09 003

june 09 006

Ahhh, it would be a dream come true for your mommy, Kate.  But I want to, by God’s grace, do all those things to the best of my ability right now.  You’re worth every bit of it.  Night, night, darlin’.

june 09 002



  1. Kim you made me cry. Very sweet! How precious are our little ones and how little we remember that in the moment.

    Happy Birthday Kate!


  2. That was so beautiful and I so relate. I have thought, “Oh, if time could just stand still.” Sometimes I just sit and watch them all and soak up the gratitude I feel for the gifts God has given us. Other times life can be so busy and at the end of the day I think that I forgot to treasure the moments. Thanks for the reminder. P.S. I just found out a few minutes ago that we are expecting our sixth. More moments to treasure. Fellow Nebraskan, Pam

  3. How you have pulled, no absolutely ripped out my heart strings! That is so beautiful. You have expressed every mother’s desire. Your Kate is a mini you! What a beautiful little darling! All your children are precious, just like their mommy! I Love you,

  4. “Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” John 17:3 ETERNITY STARTS NOW and you’ve captured it beautifully in this post!

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