Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 25, 2009

Sweet surprise!

Pop and Grannie and Uncle Matt came for a short, but oh-so-sweet visit this weekend.  This was Beloved’s birthday weekend and they wanted to surprise him, which they surely did.  And, well, you know how predictable and wise with a camera I am NOT, I didn’t get a picture of the look on his face when his mom and dad got out of the car, or of his surprise when his brother came walking down the road (they dropped him off before they got here).  Let’s just say, he was made to feel pretty special, which he most certainly IS.

I did manage to get some pictures of the children with them.  I was completely surprised at how quickly Caleb took to his Pop.  He had been in that ornery little “Don’t look at me and don’t even THINK about touching me if you don’t reside in my home” stage, but he enjoyed his Pop very much.

Caleb brought him a book after dinner and climbed onto his lap:

may 09 014

Then they commenced to play a tune or two as an after dinner treat.  Pop plays so well that Caleb didn’t even mess him up that badly!

may 09 016

Miss Kate absolutely took over her Uncle Matt.  You know what they say about books and their covers and all, this man is absolutely the sweetest, most tenderhearted guy you can imagine.  He never tried to get rid of the little booger, but was happy to oblige Her Royal Bossiness’s every whim!

She stayed with him until she fell asleep:

may 09 018

And she cried and hung on to him when he had to go:

may 09 022

Grannie was the honored recipient of Ashlynne’s  story readings.

may 09 021

And many hugs!

may 09 023

We got more work done on the summer kitchen:

may 09 020

We all enjoyed watching Planet Earth together, which they brought Josh for his birthday:

may 09 017

Thanks so much for coming!  I mean, there was no pressure or anything, I know.  Oh, and again, no pressure, Kate wants to know how come you can’t build a house in the corn field across the road.

We love you so much.  Thanks for the long, long drive!



  1. So glad to hear of your company. My family always enjoys reading your posts together and my ten year old daughter, Abigail, wondered if Pop and Grannie got served steak during their visit :).

    • Jessica,

      Yes, they got LOTS of steak! LOL!

      Our family really enjoys reading your blog, too! I always get so excited when there is a new post.

      Thanks for your friendship!


  2. Oh, I did not know Matt went too… that is so awesome!
    I know you all had a blast. So… did they get steak?

    Will we get steak if we come??? 🙂 He He He 🙂

    Hope all is well.

    Love y’all

    Aunt Brandi

  3. Blast! Now I’m the only one that hasn’t been out there! You know, it would make it a lot easier on us if you’d just go ahead a move to PA, then we could visit Richard’s family and you guys all in one trip. As it is, it’s difficult to do both. 😦 We are planning a trip to the Badlands sometime, could we come visit then???

    • Um…. you’d BETTER! Love you, Sis!

  4. Kim,

    I was just diagnosed with Adenomyosis and was told there is no treatment. I decided despite being told that to find out what I can do. I learned that this syndrome is the result of high estrogen which then causes horribly low progesterone. That being said, I hear this high amount can be caused from xenoestrogens that are found in soaps & detergents. We have changed our body wash and hair care about a year ago, but wonder what you use that is natural and free of this and other harmful chemicals (for laundry detergent and dish soap). Once I detox I can start natural progesterone and hopefully be able to conceive 🙂



  5. Where did Matt get that hat? I want one. Such a cool free spirit! I love it.

    Did I tell you Luke and Jordan came to my church a few weeks ago?

  6. Neat pictures of the kids. How special that the kids took to them so quickly. Rohan’s been in the don’t touch me mood for a long time!

  7. Matt got his hat in Wall, South Dakota. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t ever take it off….not even for bathing or sleeping….(:

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