Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 18, 2009

Beloved is home and other updates…

We weren’t expecting this yet.  I was only dreaming of it in my mind.  I was once again amazed at the providence of God in our lives (when will I stop being surprised at Him?).  God has opened the door for Josh to be at home with us full time.

This is what we have prayed for for years.

I am not scared.

I feel completely unworthy to have just exactly everything I’ve ever wanted.

I may be naive, but I’m excited about having to actually trust God to supply our day to day needs.  (Through our working together, of course.  We’re not applying for welfare, just in case  you wondered!)

I feel like I’m on some kind of honeymoon.  With five children.  And another on the way.

Yahweh is so good to us!

As a result, the industry going on around this little homestead is making my mind reel just a bit.  I am not accustomed to so much… progress around the home.  My man has to be one of the hardest workers on the planet, but after working 10 -12 hour days of manual labor he wasn’t very motivated, or able, to get nearly what he wanted to accomplish at home.  Now he never stops.

See, he’s building me a summer kitchen for my wood cookstove.  With a handsaw.  He’s the man!

may 09 003

Going up!

may 09 010

Having a kitchen outside the house will enable us to  use a non-electric cooking source whle not heating up our house to unfathomable temperatures in the summer.  We also plan to do all of our canning and processing here for the same reason and we’ll probably process the honey here as well.  Oh, and the laundry, too, in the summer.  Very multi-purpose, but I’m just going to call it my summer kitchen.  I like the way it rolls off the tongue!

Josh has also installed five new hives.  We’re hoping to grow a bit each year.  According to Josh (I don’t have a suit therefore I stay away), we are shaping up for a good harvest, so far.

may 09 012

The gardens are coming along wonderfully.  We’ve been blessed with lots of good rain and sunshine.  It really is humbling for us to realize how utterly dependent upon God we are.  We notice the sun.  We pray for the rain.  We get excited to see our corn spiking.  This, Lord willing, is our food.  We have to tend it well, pray for God’s blessing on it, and be thankful for it.  We need it to feed our family.  We need Him to grow it.  The lessons for our children in just this aspect of our life are uncalculable.  It’s a wonderful way to live!

may 09 011

One very wonderful perk about Daddy being home all day is the level of involvement he now has in the practical matters of the household.  Don’t get me wrong, he has always been a very involved, overseeing head of our home.  Only now, he’s here to help me enforce things.  I’m not the only one disciplining and training all day.  Do you have any idea how much that helps me? He’s always been Mr.  Eagle Eye Consistency when it comes to discipline and I’m afraid I fail a lot in that area.  When you are so busy, you tend to ignore the squabbling upstairs or the whining in the yard.  Daddy doesn’t.  And now he’s not letting me either.  He also told me the second day he was home that I was doing far too many things that they could be doing and I needed to make a list of what needed to get done each day and he would be glad to help me enforce it.  (I’ve always been good at the lists, but not the supervision to enforce it!)  Well, this morning, he had the girls out of bed before I was, beginning their morning chore lists.  I like him, a lot.  I’m feeling a partnership developing here, where I’ve been so long accustomed to handling things myself  and praying for him to get home and help restore the peace.  Our roles in parenting are still very distinct, of course, but it’s wonderful to have equal time invested in it!

may 09 007

So, you would think the children would start thinking they were getting a raw deal here, but surprise, surprise, they take very well to gentle consistency and I’m seeing an improvement in attitudes and joyfulness already.  It’s becoming quite the chore to separate them from him.  He has to force them to come inside to work on their lessons or wash the dishes.  They stick to him like cockle burrs on a long-haired dog.  Rachel, in fact, has assisted him almost every step of the way on the summer kitchen.  Do you suppose she’s learning any math or geometry out there?

may 09 005

I’d better get some lunch going.  That man of mine expects to eat regular-like.

Thanks for coming to visit!



  1. 0h Kim, how wonderful! I am very excited for your family. Praise the Lord! What a blessing it is to have the whole family working together. One of my favorite sites is seeing all my children crowded around their father as he works.

    I love your summer kitchen already. We cook on a wood burning stove year round and it is great. I hope you enjoy it.

    Take care and God bless you and yours,

  2. I am so JEALOUS!!!!!!!

    We are smack-dab in the middle of the “busy season”, as I am sure you well remember, and I am getting to see my Beloved very little! When he is home we are both busy working around the house. Our heart’s desire is similar to yours, but we are waiting to see what the Lord has instore for us. I am so very happy for you all. We are missing you!!! Kiss all the babes for me!

    aunt brandi

  3. That is wonderful, I look forward to seeing pics of your summer kitchen. 🙂

    Your laundry “room” looks nice too. 🙂

    May Yahweh continue to richly bless you and your family. 🙂

  4. I know alot of people have been forced to stay at home with the economy, however it’s really encouraging to see how your family is putting it to good use. It’s crazy how that your perspective is all that matters going through this life. (Not taking away from the Lord) Like being thankful for what He has provided instead of what we want.

    I love your summer kitchen. It seems extremely practical! Excellent job!!!!

  5. How blessed you are! The summer kitchen sounds wonderful.

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