Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | April 15, 2009

Dreams in Progress…

Yesterday was a milestone.

Our beloved began working PART TIME!  This is big.  That means he will now be with us, here, working on our own property four days a week.

I am a little overwhelmed sometimes at the goodness of Yahweh to our family.

My daughters planted scads of blackberry bushes with him.  My son sat and watched him put up our new chicken fence half the day.  I could look out my window and see him and the work being done.  We spent lots of time planning and dreaming together about what needed to be done.  We ate together.  I could go on and on.  I’m a little excited.

Our God is so faithful.  Our cash my have just took a huge cut, but who cares?  This is worth so much more than money.  I feel so very honored to have a husband that sees the futility of amassing earthly treasures and would rather focus on eternal ones.

And yet there are seeds of discontent.  NOW I’m looking for the day that he can be home everyday.  Sigh.  I need to get a grip and be thankful for this time He’s given us!

I know I”ve been quite lazy with my posting lately.  Actually, I rarely find myself with the time!  I do want to show you a few big things that have been happening around here.


In march we burnt our grass field to make way for our enormous food plot.


This is it, although it’s much bigger than it looks!


We planted three 150 foot rows of onions.  We like onions.  Our chickens seemed to like the freshly turned soil a little too much and scratched up about half of our onions to get to the worms.  We promptly confined them in one area of the yard and re-planted.  Poop-heads.

Since then we have planted cabbage, broccoli, and the very beginning of our eternal mountain of potatoes.  Yes, we like potatoes, too.  We’ve added two new apple trees, two pear trees, two peach trees, two pecan trees, a cherry tree, six blueberry bushes, twelve blackberry bushes, and we still need to get four grapevines and fifty strawberry plants into the ground.  Whew!  I hope they grow REALLY fast!

Last month my sweet Mama and Daddy came for a visit and blessed us with work, as usual!  My Mama painted my kitchen.  Four walls down, about a hundred million to go, right Mama?  (The walls don’t look quite this yellow in person!)


And while they were here, she celebrated her 45th birthday.  Right, Mama?


Papaw Jim did what he does best:  Snuggle little ones.  He also chopped down a lot of trees!


I know this doesn’t even begin to cover the unbelievable blessings that have been poured out on us, but it helps bring things up to date just a bit.  Maybe it will give me some motivation to pick the posting back up a bit!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hey Kim, nice to see your recent posts and all the new things going on there on the homestead. I noticed you have older hard woods and I wondered, we have carpet over hardwood (that we know), but didn’t know what condition they are in. Since yours are older, did you have to do anything to them when you moved in or did you just leave them with character 😉 ?

    • Hey Megan!

      Right now they have loads of character! They desperately need to be resurfaced and then we’d like to out a clear coat on… someday! Right now I’m so glad that the green carpet is gone, and that I can actually KNOW they’re clean that I don’t really care!

  2. Glad to see you blogging!!

    I love all the pictures of the goings on in and around your home, its very encouraging!!

    Thanks again, Hope to read, see and learn more!!


  3. It’s always delightful to hear you talk about the treasures of family – and I especially like how you overflow with adoration and gratitude when your parents are able to join & bless you.

  4. You have been crazy busy planting. It is so great that your family comes to visit so often. I can’t wait to hear about all the canning and stuff you are going to be busy doing later. 🙂

  5. Sounds so wonderful! That too is our prayer, dream and goal – to get my husband home. It is so scary sometimes, the unknown that is. Thank the Lord He knows our future 🙂

  6. I’m so happy for you Kim! The Lord is so good to give us the desires of our hearts. And I love hearing about you and your family whenever you post. How are you feeling? You’re about 5 months along now right? Praying for you and thinking of you often.

    • Jaynee,

      It’s so good to hear from you! Yes, I’m five months now and feeling awesome. I’m one of those disgusting women that doesn’t really deal with morning sickness, so I can’t ever really complain! I”m having some sore ligament and varicose issues that are not too fun, but nothing in light of the reward, Lord willing, at the end! I just have to laugh at how quickly little Samuel has filled out. God is so good!

      Much love,

  7. HI Kim!

    Congratulations on your husband’s decision to work at staying at home. It’s interesting how far we’ve come from what is best for us…in our journeys to make ourselves happy. Funny how that time and time again it proves that God knows what’s best.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well and you have a very bountiful harvest this year. Wish we lived closer!!! Although if you are ever up for company, I’d make the drive!:)

    • Misti,

      I’m always up for company. That would be awesome!

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