Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | February 20, 2009

An update!

There’s  finally a new post over at Learning by the Way! Go have yourself a visit.

By the way, as further clarifcation of my last post, I never meant that my daughters cannot have their own dreams.  Only that their own pleasure and ambitions should not be the driving force in their lives.  We are not here to  please ourselves, make ourselves happy first, as Dr.  Phil and our entire culture would suggest.  We are here to glorify God, to serve Him and the ones he puts in our lives.  That is what I will teach my son, as well.  It’s not all about us.  We will NEVER find joy if we only pursue “our dreams.”  We all need to DIE to ourselves so that we will find true joy, joy that comes from being a servant to a holy God.  Then, He will fulfill our wildest dreams of joy as we glorify Him by enjoying Him forever!

And I don’t know how many more areas for developing their gifts and talents and “dreams” my daughters can possibly have!  I’m plum re-excited about my own job!



  1. Kim, thank you for your encouragement, which means so much coming from a dear friend. I sometimes feel so humble by you (and admit that sometimes I don’t take the humbling all that well :). I wish I could give it all up sometimes like you have, but yet I am so thankful to be where I am. I don’t know how you have done it to train up your kids so well. I sometimes think we have failed our boys as we have constant struggles to obey, respect, share, be unselfish…I mean constant! May the Lord bless your work and love for Him.

  2. Oh, Megan!

    I don’t know ANY parent who doesn’t have constant struggles in training their children! If they don’t, it’s probably out of neglect!

    And if I’ve given you the impression that I’ve got it all together, please forgive me for the deception! Oh, how I want to go just hide sometimes from all my inadequacies as a wife and mother.

    I should go post a picture of my bedroom right now. I don’t think you’d be humbled by me any longer!

    Love you!

  3. Kim, 😉 Thanks, you still inspire me, messy bedroom and all. Thankfully you have a great excuse for a messy bedroom. Not only do you have three times as many kids as I do (including the one in the womb) but you also just MOVED! Me, no excuse!

  4. I just was wondering what NE was on your name of your blog…You have a beautiful family, and congratulations on your upcoming little one. I hope and pray you have a smooth pregnancy and delivery. You are so blessed.

    I think very much like you and have been praying that the Lord would send me a friend that believes the same. I’m not a stalker. 🙂 I just can’t seem to find many people who believe like we do or that I WANT my daughter around.

    Your site is very inspiring. 🙂
    Warm Wishes,


  5. Yo Nebraska GMO Cornhuskers!

    I hope you all are snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in your new house!

    How’s that woodstove working out for y’all?

    What ever happened to that MANPOST regarding Daddy’s Dirt Dominator?

    Where did you purchase your RIR’s?

    Where did Daddy buy his bags of B’s from? My TN B’s did not survive the PA cold.

    Why don’t you go ahead and post that picture of your bedroom as well?


  6. Oh, I forgot to ask, are you all tracking and tracing everyone’s IP address with a live traffic feed in the right hand column of your blog? Isn’t that kinda like a reverse NAIS for humans?

    Hank 🙂

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