Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | February 13, 2009

A Cozy Day…

Inside, at least!


Have any of you moms out there ever noticed that it takes just about as long to get everyone suited up as the amount of time they actually play out in the snow? feb-2009-010

But then, red cheeks and nose and chattering teeth assure me that all my effort, and the laundry that follows, has all been worth it!  I promptly whisked this cutie off to the big bed and we snuggled down for a long winters nap— as soon as she was dry!

One of the joys of farm life is watching your children doing the chores.  Especially in the middle of a snowstorm, while you and your husband are in a wood-heated home, laughing at your daughter from the kitchen window, fighting against the wind as she tries to collect the eggs.  Seriously folks, she was begging to go out there!


Just wanted to share a little warmth with everyone.  I think it will be a hot chocolate, extra quilts, Little House on the Prairie by the oil lamp kind of night.  Stay warm and snuggle your blessings!



  1. I know what you mean!! It seems like I just bundled them up and they went out and then are coming right back in. 🙂 That bit of fresh air was good for them though. 🙂 We are having mild weather right now, so my boys spent a lot of time outside today. They came in with such rosy cheeks!

  2. Hi Mrs. Wilkerson!
    Is that R. in the bottom picture? Couldn’t tell, but I figured since you mentioned the egg gathering it was her.
    I sure miss you guys! Please come visit us soon!


  3. What better fun to than to go out in the snow! My kids love it and our front room stays a mess with snow bibs, boots, hats and mittens scattered everywhere. But it’s a sing of some real good fun 🙂


  4. i wish it would come a good snow like that here so we could all have some fun in the snow.!

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