Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | February 12, 2009

Fascinating Times

At the risk of sounding like a Y2K weirdo, (admit it, you filled up your bath tub the night before) I believe it’s possible that we may be on the brink of a major financial crisis.  How does a believing family respond?  With fear?  No.  That’s not biblical.  With complacency?  No.  That’s not biblical either.

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, but the naive go on, and are punished for it.  Proverbs 22:3

I’ve known some Christians that discourage any preparation for difficult financial times, dismissing it as an ungodly fear that the Lord will not provide.  I have no doubt that God provides and is faithful, even if I starve to death He is still faithful and will take me home, but that fact does not mean that I should not “look well to the ways of my household”  and “go to the ant” for an example of dilligenge and preparing ahead.  My husband is provider and protector of this home, and like the men of Issachar who understood the times (1 Chr. 12:32),  he has an obligation to, with the help of the Holy Spirit, discern what is best for our family.

So… what does this look like?  Well, we’re still working through that.  One thing we are realizing more and more is— most of these things are not radical.  They are wise even in the most prosperous of financial times This is by no means a long, complicated list.

LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS.  That means don’t go into debt.  I’ll be the first to admit that we were utterly foolish when it came to money in the past.  I wish someone could have told us this long ago:  IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY IT OUT RIGHT, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD IT.   And yes, this goes especially for a home.  If it takes you 15-30 years to pay for it (twice), you are enslaving yourself.  Speaking from my own experience, I was enslaving myself because I had far too much pride to live somewhere I really could afford.  Start small.  No, not 1,000 square feet of American luxury small.  Find that old trailer someone wants hauled off their land for the price of it’s scrap metal (yes, real situation), or one of those cute storage sheds at Home Depot and put it on a wooded lot that goes straight up, or even, don’t get married until you DO have enough money for a place you can afford, and work your way up as the Lord blesses you!  I know that sounds foreign in light of today’s “have it all NOW” culture, but it might be the smartest financial thing you ever did!  I wish we had that counsel.  (We once went $1800 in debt for a vacuum.  A VACUUM!!!
ESTABLISH YOUR OWN FOOD SOURCES.  If you even have a tiny backyard, you could grow a tremendous amount of food for your family.  With a whole acre, you could add some chickens, and even a dairy goat.  There’s nothing fanatical about that.  People have been providing food for themselves for, oh, the past few thousand years or so.  Our modern culture, utterly dependent on others for their very lives, is the aberration.  At the very least, get some seeds.  That may be the wisest insurance money you ever spent.

And…. that’s about it.  OK, I know there are more things that are wise as well, but these are very good places to start.  I believe they can be very God-honoring, too, as long as you  are not fearful and trusting in your self and your preparations.  Wise, realistic planning for the future , with the aid of the Spirit, is a good remedy for fearfulness in uncertain times.

By the way, I enjoyed this article by Voddie Baucham (one of my very favorite preachers).  I thought it would be very relevant to this post.  Check it out here.



  1. What an awesome post! and so relevant too!! Thanks for your wise thoughts on this subject. Not enough people are taking these times (and the coming ones) seriously. I’m glad to be somewhat ‘removed’ way up here in the arctic! 🙂

    love Jess

  2. As I read this post, my first thought was AMEN! My second was how very thankful I am for a husband who is so very strong in the Lord, takes a stand for what is right and true no matter what the opposition, and is such an example to me has he so humbly admits when he is wrong and doesn’t waste any time in doing what is right.
    We too spent the first 7 years of our marriage in debt. Ours may have been small scale compared to many others (we never owned a home, but had car debt, credit card debt, ect…), but the root problem, living above our means…greed…, was still the same.
    I remember the year we asked the Lord to forgive us for our sin and determined we would live differently and pay all we owed as soon as possible. In one year, we were debt free and what freedom!
    And we have lived in anything from a travel trailer to our beautiful current home, and we are just so happy no matter what or where!
    Like Daniel always says, when times are lean and money is scarce, all we need to have is food….no worries about losing all we have because we can’t make our payments.
    And living in Mexico, it is been such a blessing to learn so much of the things you talked about…raising animals, growing food ect…
    We are just so blessed and the Lord has just been abundandly gracious with us…how patient and loving He is!
    Thank you for sharing…I just love it each time you post. 🙂 Praying for you each day as you carry this new little one.

  3. yes all that is great !
    But not always possible.
    If we hadn’t a loan we would not have a house and our five children would have been brought up in bad conditions.
    But when we built the house we went for the average space the governement suggested for 7 persons. We did no luxury.
    and we have no other debts.
    We have a garden where nothing grows… the previous owner used to burn alot of trash and the land is bad. Even our potatoes were disgusting, the radishes were full of tumors, the fruit get to be very accid, the tomatoes don’t get red…
    I would love to grow vegetables, I would love to live in the country side! But my husband only found a job in the Paris region… in a christian association.
    We are where God put us!

  4. AMEN AMEN AMEN….and I LOVED the comment that people have been providing their own food source for thousands of years. In fact…it has been less than 100 years that grocery stores have provided the bulk of food for homes. But of course, providing for one’s self would require some effort and work, and we know that in today’s world that is almost unheard of! So sad…

    Great post! Kelly

  5. when the Lord speaks in terms of us not being in debt and freedom from the world those are just principles. when this usa goes south the ones that are not in debt and have stability through hard work and wise decisions will be better off. saved and unsaved. why? the principle is the same. truth transcends all. now us Christians have an advocate with the father when uncontrollable things happen and we will find grace and blessings because we have been prudent in the little things like finances and covetousness.

  6. Ok…gotta tell you, we did that same thing with the debt and a vacuum. And that wonderful Kirby we just had to have…it’s gone. And I truly never did like it, I was forever forgetting to keep bags on hand, I had to ‘pick up the floor’ before I could vacuum…now I have a cheapo Dirt Devil that will suck up Lego’s ad marbles alike without blowing a belt to pieces :o)

    If you’ve never lived on the other side of the debt fence, let me tell you as someone who’s been over there and seen how pretty that grass really is, STAY THERE NO MATTER WHAT. Don’t jump right back into a loan for anything, not even the best, most perfect property you’ve ever seen. It’s a trick. You will kick yourself later on.

    Trust me…I know of what I speak…I’m walking that fence row right now…kicking myself all over the place.


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