Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | January 22, 2009

I’m still alive!

Sorry.  Busy.  Very.

Has anyone else noticed what a sanctification process moving can be?  Boy, do I not like me very much while moving.  Just when you’re about to congratulate yourself on becoming a much more patient person, God peels off another stinky, onion layer.

I have no control.

I have no structure.

I have no oven or hot water.

I have had a six foot black snake in my new house.

Am I a whiner or what?  I’m praying fervently for my thankful spirit to be restored pronto!  I have a lot of wonderful things to talk about when I get the time and humor!

God is so good, even when there’s a snake in my house!

(BTW, I know I’m behind on responding to a lot of you.  I should be getting internet in my house next week.)



  1. I don’t know a lot of people who would be calm about having six foot long snake IN THEIR HOUSE!!! Hebby-Jebbies! Will be praying for you all and this trial of moving and settling in and making sure other residents don’t settle in 🙂

  2. Just thought of something…there is one positive about having a snake in your house…NO MICE!

  3. oh honey I will say a prayer for you… control and structure are can be done without but, water and stove…

    What is a snake doing in your house in the middle of winter anyway. don’t they seek dry warm places???

  4. Hello dear friend! I have been checking on your blog weekly. I love seeing your beautiful family. Congrats on your new place. Everything will transition for you….Hopefully smoothly! Looking forward to your next updates. Love and Prayers,

  5. woman!!!! I’ve been trying and trying to call you! I wanted to call and tell your sweet baby girl happy birthday yesterday, but could not get through! You better call when you see this! Love you!

  6. Oh Heavens! a SIX foot snake?? I think I’d have a tough time with that one too. Good grief!

    Praying the rest of your move will go smoothly and that you’ll all get settled in soon!

    Love Jess

  7. another precious niece of nephew for me!!! I’m so excited for all of you, Kim! Congratulations!!!! Love you!

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