Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | January 9, 2009

Home is the nicest place in the world


I love the excitement of looking forward to time away.  I really like visiting with dear family and friends.  But somehow, even though I’m sad to be going so far away, and I know it’ll be a while before I can come back, I LOVE coming back to familiar “new” friends and places that are starting to add up to home.

We had a delightful two weeks in Tennessee.  The first week was more delightful than the last, however, as we seemed to acquire our usual year’s worth of sicknesses all at once.  Head colds, sore throats, stomach bugs, and earaches all made unwelcome visits.  It was definitely not how I would have planned things, but God has a knack for knowing when you need to “buck up” and get tougher, with his help, of course!

Many thanks go out to everyone who made us feel so welcome while we were there.  And my apologies for all the invitations I couldn’t keep due to illnesses.  By the way, I’ll have you know I was invited to Jen Igarashi’s house.  You read that right.  Sigh.  I suppose God wants to keep me humble by not letting me go.  She has told me that she’s stopping by on her way to California this year.  I am not going to let you forget it, Jen!

Making cookies with the Pietzyk ladies:


Snuggling with cousins in Daddy’s old bedroom:


Partied out:


Tough, burly Uncle Matt and his… baby doll:


My Beloved with a gang of his homeschool buddies:


Lots of sweet memories were made and there are lots more to be made, Lord willing, in this new year!

By the way, we aren’t Santa worshipers, just for the record!  I was rather amused that Kate went right up to this weird looking dude and gave him a big kiss.  It might have had something to do with the big bag of presents he had.

We can fret over Mr.  Claus if we want, but I think it’s equally sad that many children only hear about the miracle of God Became Man once a year, on a day that’s most likely not His birthday.  Oh, that we would preach the gospel of grace to one another EVERYDAY!  The 25th of December should be no more special to believers than the 25th of June.  EVERY morning His mercies are new.  Great is His faithfulness!



  1. A Poignant moment that touched my heart this Christmas: Every year we take our children to 2 Christmas events held at 2 different churches. They both feature a Bethlehem Walk to recreate the first Christmas and one also puts on a show (sadly a bit worldly, but that’s another story). Anyway, towards the end of one of the Bethlehem walks, a young man shared his testimony, and gave away a Bible to one person from each group he got to share with. He picked a sweet little girl from the audience, who graciously received it, then asked WHAT’S A BIBLE- I could have cried. She would have been our Zara’s age. I pray that someone in her family will actually take the time to read some of the stories about Jesus to her. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

    We don’t do Santa either. We tell our children that the guy in the red suit is dressing up as Saint Nicholas, who was a Christian man who lived once and gave many gifts to the poor. Sometimes they want to go and say Hello, but when asked what they’d like for Christmas, they usually just point to the complimentary store gift (usually a colouring book) that every child gets.

  2. Yeah! Glad your home and had a good trip, besides the bugs. There is no place like home!

  3. We were all so sad. SO SAD. We’re still so sad.

    And my daughters were so excited to see their future sister-in-law and then she ended up NOT coming.

    You would be afraid, I think, if you heard how my two oldest girls contintue to plot and plan to get Ashy for their brother. Maybe it was lucky that you didn’t come. They might not have let her go…

  4. this may be totally worldly but, I like Santa. That is the kind of famous I want to be- remembered for my good deeds and for putting a smile on little kids faces. That would so rock. The real St Nicholas was really a cool dude.

  5. Kim… Love the website! (got you address from Lilly’s blog site) It has given me so much insight and appriciation for what y’all are doing way up in no mans land! I think you are so neat and that we would be friends if we lived close! By the way, I love your new house! It has so much character. I love the beautiful millwork, hardwood floors and roof angles! I’m sure you will have it looking just like home in no time. It was good to visit with y’all at the old homeies get together. May God Bless you in your adventures ahead.

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