Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | December 14, 2008

Don’t YOU wear a snowsuit to bed?


Hi,  folks.  Caleb here.  My Mama, bless her heart, has a strange problem.  You see,  she just can’t sleep if she thinks I might be cold.  I think she wants to sleep tonight.

I guess when it’s 1 degree with a  -20 windchill and you live in a big, drafty old house, and you’re just to wiggly to stay covered, your mama can be a little on the over- protective side.  Now, do you think she’s going to check all night to make sure I’m not hot?


Poor Mama.  I know she means well.



  1. Those are the cutest pictures ever! He looks so snug and cozy. It got down to upper 30’s here for a few nights and I had my kids in flannel pajamas and 4-5 blankets on each of their beds. If it got that cold here I would have mine bundled up like that too.:)

  2. Our boys are snuggly in their room, it’s the parent’s that froze. Our duct work keeps falling off the boot/register in our room, so the underside of the house is probably nice and toast, but mom and dad, not so much. Let’s hope the 2nd fix did the trick. I don’t think Ryan and I have the patience left for it.

    I can’t imagine what it feels like there. Well, yes I can! Does your spit freeze before it hits the ground yet 🙂

  3. Gee our boys could be twins. My 5 month old was bundled up good today. A onesie, feetie pajama’s outfit and thick warm overalls, plus socks 🙂 And once and a while I’d put a hat on him just in case 🙂
    I think our temps were about the same. We woke up to
    -6* outside and it was coooold and windy all day. We have three layers covering our windows and piles of blankets on our bed. Tonight we’re due for 6-7 inches of snow. Yipppeee say all the kids 🙂 We love a white Christmas.


  4. I always had them in a kind of sleeping bag they could not take off!(like these:

  5. SO cute!!

  6. … per your comment on my page — I SOOOOOOO hope you are not pulling my leg! You have sent all the Iglets into an uproar. I’m so excited!!! We will most definitely certainly most absolutely assuredly be there on Sunday. How long are you staying??

    PS we mailed you a little package yesterday, I wonder if you’ll get it before you take off

  7. oh wow! Putting two and two or igarashi and igarashi together I gather we may have a chance of seeing you at church Sunday! Yippee! It will be nice to see all your beautiful faces 🙂

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