Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | December 10, 2008

My baby is 10!!!!!!!


Ten years ago, I became a mother to a 5lb 9 oz perfect baby girl.  Beautiful, affectionate, kind, sometimes stubborn, hard-headed Ashlynne Taylor.  You would think God would give you the easy child the first time around, wouldn’t you?  Well, He plunged us into parenting head first—and I’m so glad He did!

Ashlynne was my earliest talker.  She was quite precocious, really.  But for some reason, her balance was off from the start.  It seemed to take her a couple of months later than most children to hit milestones.  Being your typical first time mom, I was flipping through those silly books in a panic.  When at around two her speech began to regress and she grew withdrawn, I became a shameful mess.  I hesitate to confess  how great my lack of trust in the Lord was at this time.  Oh, how I wanted to “fix” her.  I became obsessed with it and have so much regret now that I didn’t enjoy her toddlerhood at all.  After trying to diagnose her myself with something for over a year (I think every child has a symptom or two of most disorders!), her grandfather made the statement:

“Kim, I don’t think she hears us.”


That couldn’t be right, could it?  She seemed to hear most of the time.  She had 2-3 word sentences at three years old and I could understand her even if everyone else just didn’t listen closely enough.  That couldn’t be right.

But it was.

Ashlynne is profoundly deaf in her right ear and has a moderate to severe loss in her left ear.  And she was made just perfectly.  She was given a gift that no one else in her family has.  She was given a “thorn in the flesh” that will, I pray, maker her press in even more tightly to her Savior as she relies on Him daily.

I wish all of you could meet my little girl.  I used to wonder if she would ever “talk” and, you guessed it, now I can’t get her to hush.  I used to wonder if people would understand her speech.  I’ve had three people on separate occasions ask me if she’s British.  Seriously!  She has an enormous vocabulary and concentrates so hard on her pronunciation that, at times, her English is almost too good!


She is maturing so much.  Though we still deal with occasional flare ups of moodiness and willfulness (like turning her hearing aid off when she doesn’t want to listen),  it seems she is overcoming a lot of the frustrations she experienced as a small girl and blossoming into a young lady who desires to please the Lord.   She is a voracious reader, including the Bible.  She often amazes us with her ability to tell you where to find things in scripture.  What she lacks in hearing she more than makes up for in brains!  I often joke that she’s going to make us rich somehow–  Drawing, writing books, winning Jeopardy.  Remember her name!  Even greater than her intellect is her deep, loyal love for her family.  You’d better not mess with any of her siblings when this mother hen is around!




What a precious little dreamer we have.  I am so thankful that God made her the way He did.  How I would miss all the little things that make Ashlynne….  Ashlynne, if He’d made her any other way!

I love you… Birthday Girl!


By the way, she is currently aspiring to be a Russian missionary’s wife/dancer/midwife.



  1. That birthday girl of yours, Ashlynne, looks strikingly like her mother! Treasure the day!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Ashlynne’s story! You are right, God did make her perfect!It is funny you say people think she has a British accent. Our 10 year old son, who also had significant hearing loss the first 2 years of his life, is also told he has an accent. Our daughter, adopted at 19 months with bilateral club feet, was also blessed by God with her disability. He has glorified, and I believe will continue to glorify, His name in her life because of it. I am sure you have seen the same in Ashlynne’s life. I always find it hard when the kids turn the double digit birthday. They grow up so fast! Looks like your doing a great job raising her! Terri

  3. Joyeux anniversaire!

  4. What a wonderful tribute and such a beautiful young lady. She is just the way God intended her to be and I am sure He will make sure she uses her gifts to touch many. She has already touched my heart. I think children are our greatest gifts from God!!!!

    Hope everyone in your family enjoys this special day.

    Blessings from our house to yours,

  5. Happy Birthday to Ashlynne!! Thanks for sharing her story. What an amazing little lady you have.:)

  6. Happy Birthday, Ashlynne! What a beautiful girl you are…in body and in spirit!

  7. She is lovely! (just as the rest of them are – isn’t the Lord’s handiwork amazing??)

    I’ve been meaning to pop in and invite you to the Nebraska Friends of Midwives annual meeting – it will be held in Lincoln on January 9 at 11 AM with a potluck lunch. We are also asking (begging, pleading!) that people contact their senator. With the help of a great new senator from Lincoln, we hope to have three pieces of legislation introduced to improve birth options in Nebraska, but he wants to have some support from others before doing so.

    There are far too many details to get into on your poor comments page :>) so if you are interested in the annual meeting, would like to know more about the legislation, or would consider visiting, calling, or even writing your representative, PLEASE e-mail me. A member of our group would be happy to go with you for a meeting (you could even set up a meeting for the 9th!), or we could provide you with sample letter outlines if you prefer to write.

    Our representatives don’t know that we desire more birth options – including out of hospital births – unless we tell them. In a way, your participation could also be a blessing to your daughter . . . as you know, we need many, many more midwives in our state! :>)

  8. PS – I forgot to mention that on our trips to the capitol, many of our moms use it as a homeschooling opportunity and take part in the tours offered there. It really is a neat place to visit!

  9. Happy birthday Ashlynne! Enjoy your day.
    You are so beautiful! Wish you could come and play
    at our house. Love you

  10. Happy 10th birthday Ashlynne. You are a special
    young lady.

  11. What a lovely dtr and home. I like those fiesty children as they go go go and come up with so many inventive things along the way, grabbing anyone they can to join them in the fun. We have an 11 yr old dtr like your Ashlynne. Aren’t they challenging but oh so full of love~

    What a dear family~ Cinnamon

  12. Happy Birthday sweet Ashlynne! I miss seeing you at church as you were never too shy to come and visit. Very sweet indeed!

  13. I remember that little white house and ashlyne was sitting in the floor and all of a sudden she threw her head back and sang…. LAAAAAA!!! such a sweet little one.

    many happy returns!!

  14. Ok, we just read this and I am dying to have her as a sister in law.

    Bo was *planning* on being a missionary to India, but I’m sure we could change his mind.

    See you tomorrow!!! 🙂


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