Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | November 15, 2008

Growing… growing…

My sweet little man cub refuses to stay little.  How I wish I could find some magic dust to sprinkle on him to keep him my baby for five or six years or so.  Yes, I’m excited about the man he will be some day, but right now he loves me more than anyone in the whole world, and well, the selfish part of me wants to keep it that way!

My darlin’ is walking!  Don’t you just love those first steps with the feet spread apart and the arms flailing about to keep balance?  Ahh, now that’s entertainment.  Who needs TV when you have children?



The first hair cut.  Sniff, sniff.  That wispy, baby-soft blonde fuzz that I love to nuzzle was snipped away to reveal a more manly little buddy.  How could he be old enough to need a hair cut?


He says, “Mama” now.  He’s been babbling it for a long time, but now he knows it means me.  No matter how many children I have, I still get the biggest thrill when they finally make the connection and start calling me by name.  Is there any greater thing you can be?  What an honor to be his mama!  What a priveledge to serve my Lord by serving my family!  Oh, may I never find a moment’s joy in my dear ones without remembering to praise the One who made me their mama and wife.  What an awesome Creator he must be to design anything as beautiful as a family!


My sweet little cowboy figured out how to hop on his horse and rock all by himself.

Easy there, partner, don’t ride away too soon!



  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing about my little guy! He’ll be 7 months old soon and he’s just starting sleeping in his own crib, holding his own bottle, sitting up, and eating baby food. Wow, it just doesn’t seem possible…didn’t I just get home from the hospital?

    You’re right, being a mama is the best blessing that God has ever given me…

    Your little guy is adoreable!!!


  2. good heavens that child is SOOOOO cute. very bite-able.

  3. oh, it only gets harder as you put away those cribs and get bunk beds 😦 , trade long naps for power naps 😦 , put away the rattles, highchair & bibs. I indeed miss it. Such a wonderful time being a mother. Enjoy every moment 🙂 !

  4. Thank you for your comment! I just loved this post! What a cute little man! I love the picture of him totting around.. trying to balance! and I love how much you love God through loving your family. It’s really, truly awesome!

    In Him,

  5. Hi there!
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog, I have been encouaged, edified, and convicted 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heart and your beautiful family. I am so blessed to find a family with the same convictions and it’s so encouraging to see one that is operating by the Bible and not worldviews! My husband and I have found it to be such a rare thing, unfortunately even in the church! I’m excited to know that families like you really do exist! 🙂 Ok sorry for all the rambling. I wanted to ask you a question, I see that you also use WordPress for your blog and I was wondering how you got the picture of your family at the top right side of your page? I have tried to put one on mine to no avail. If you get a chance, my email is or you can leave a comment on my blog. Thanks so much! I hope you have a very blessed day serving and loving your treasures!

  6. Hey do you know what that brother and sister-in-love of yours are up to? There phone number doesn’t work and I don’t have gabe’s cell(and they weren’t at church). If you talk to them let Brandi know I’m trying to get in touch with her 🙂 Or you can email me their cell at


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