Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 30, 2008

Ice cream…. for breakfast?


I’ll admit, I am an aspiring health food nut.  (ASPIRING)  I’ve given up/replaced foods I never would have imagined possible, but my greatest weakness is ice cream.  While I’m not willing to swear it off, I have found a little trick that makes a great alternative.

I got the idea from Rejuvenate Your Life by Serene Allison and tweaked it a bit.  It’s sooo simple.  All you do is fill your blender with frozen bananas and whirl it till smooth.  You may need to add a bit of water and maybe shut the blender off to “shift” the bananas until it gets going.  Once it is smooth, add a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter, and a little honey if you are used to things sweeter (for us it was plenty sweet without the honey).  Whirl some more and you will have a TREAT the consistency of soft serve!  You can also add cocoa powder to make chocolate, or any other fruit you wish.  I’m telling you, this is YUMMY!

So… we had peanut butter banana ice cream for breakfast this morning, sprinkled with some homemade granola I had in the fridge.  I am now a heroine in my home.  I can officially do anything, according to my five year old.  Add to that, knowing that my children had a sugar free breakfast of natural, raw foods and I DO feel kind of hero-like!  Now I have no idea what to do for lunch.

(BTW, this is probably a better summer recipe.  My children’s teeth were banging together as they ate.  Lauren told me that she had never had a brain freeze for breakfast!)



  1. Ice cream is my weakness, too! But I can sure do without the extra calories, and sugar! I’m looking forward to trying your recipe for a healthy alternative. I’ll give it the 8-year-old granddaughter test this weekend 🙂 Years ago, my mom told me about a Weight Watchers tip to freeze bananas and they would taste something like ice cream–they DO taste good. But your idea of whirling them in the blender would produce a more authentic texture. Thanks for the idea! (I like the peanut butter idea, and maybe banana-pineapple would work, or banana strawberry, or banana coconut…mmmm!)

  2. I love it! I wish my mother had thought about this! Serving ice cream for breakfast! Breakfast would have fast become my favorite meal! I’ll have to try this with my own kids!

  3. I came over from the Lockwoods (aren’t they a neat family & they really are just that sweet in person!) Anyway, we love the Serene Campbells stuff, the ice cream is yummy. We have been enjoying the Maple Almond Shake lately. Double yummy~

    I’m enjoying your sweet blog~


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