Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 20, 2008

A Wedding Story…

Last week we took off to Tennessee for Josh’s brother’s wedding. An eighteen hour trip with five children isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but, oh, how worth it to see dear family again. Now, it seems almost like a dream. Have we already went and come back already?

I have an assortment of wedding pictures to show you. Only an assortment since my little man wanted to enjoy the echo his squeals made during the ceremony. I suppose that’s what I get for forgetting to pack food to go in that mouth!

Here’s my squawking, sharp dressed man:

Some lovely, young ladies waiting for the big event to start:

Lauren got to be a last minute flower girl. Her cousin Emma had the jitters until Lauren agreed to go down with her. She’s an old pro. I can’t recall exactly how many times she’s done it! We all told her she saved the day!

Here come Josh and his brothers. OK, so they’re not all his brothers.

…and that’s about all of the ceremony I could get! However, the reception was pretty smashing! Here’s that darling bride and groom.  I’m really bummed the pictures turned out so dark.  We love you so much, Luke and Jordan!

Here’s a shot of the two hunkiest fellows at the wedding:

And another because I’m extremely prideful in this area: (they both went home with me!)

Some of my dancing princesses.  Ashlynne asked me, “Are my shoes wearing out, yet?”

Cuddly cousins:

Cuddly man:

Here is one of my favorites, dancing on Daddy’s toes:

You’d have a difficult time finding a girl in all the world who loves her daddy as much as this one does:

What a blessed week.  Somehow, it wasn’t as difficult coming home as I’d feared.  The dearest dear ones I had were riding right along with me.  God is so good!



  1. AWWW! How sweet! I have a special love for my dad too, so it brings back found memories. I am glad to here you made it here and back safely and enjoyed your families. I had heard you all were coming and wished we could have seen you guys, but we had a busy weekend celebrating Joseph’s 4th birthday. Blessings!

    P.S. I bet you all are starting to get a chill there as we have also had a cool spell. It nice to finally get out those pants and long sleeves and use them 🙂

  2. What a beautiful event to celebrate and cherish!!

  3. Those are some of the most darling father/daughter pics I’ve ever seen! I am so excited to have children someday… I can’t wait to see MY hunky hubby with his little ones. How precious! 🙂 And YOU two are a beautiful couple! You are gorgeous! :O

    love from Alaska,


  4. some of the pics won’t show up but it looked like a lovely wedding!!!

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