Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 8, 2008

Our first “lamplight” eve…

Tonight was a first.  The first time we brought out our lantern and turned off the lights.  It didn’t take long for our eyes to adjust and a deep appreciation for the rosy glow to take over.

We are taking baby steps toward living off-grid, and this was a really exciting event for us.  No, the electricity is not off…yet, but it’s a start.  I know most of you are thinking, “What kind of fruit loops want to turn off the electricity?”  I think this may be the only way to explain it.  Here goes:

Not using electricity = using less money = less money that has to be earned = giving my husband a fighting chance of providing for us from our own land = being able to work together as a family all the time, every day.

Makes perfect sense to me!  And somehow, the thought of being able to go about our daily life not depending on so many gadgets, and not being so dependent on a system that you would be crippled without, is deeply satisfying to us.

Yep, we’re fruit loops.

Also, my apologies for not posting more on my simplifying project.  My cucumbers did not care that I had another agenda and insisted on being pickled.  I am still raring to go and can’t wait to fill up lots more bags.  I’ll keep you posted!



  1. Not fruit loops…..just smart cookies:-) I think that such ideas will also help those of us who have this type of lifstyle in mind to survive our countries troubled times. I remember one Christmas day our power was out for a couple of hours and we had to heat up leftovers on the camp stove, use candles, and actually enjoy each others company. This event actually lead to great family discussions about “in the old days” and it was a very special Christmas.

    Blessings from WV,

  2. That is *so* cozy. That has been a goal of our, too. I don’t know that we have enough property to be completely self sufficient, but we would love to be able to do it if we could.

  3. … a goal of OURS. I meant to make us plural.

  4. How exciting! I think what your family is doing is great. I huge learning experience. We stopped using our electric lights for some time before we made our move from Texas to Argentina. We used oil lamps and had hooks strategically placed around the house from which to hang them. It didn’t take long for us to get used to either. We milked our goats by them in the early mornings, cooked, started our schoolwork, etc., etc. The experience also helped us to more fully appreciate that God created the light for day and the dark for night – this can be easily overlooked with the flip of a switch sometimes. And what a blessing it is to stay together and to work together as a family!
    Take care and may the Lord bless you,

  5. I’m so jealous! That is very neat… I wish we could do the same, but alas, that would be obnoxiously hard here in AK in the middle of a neighborhood- especially in the the wintertime. If we were to move out in the country, which we hope to do someday, it *would* be possible, and something we’d love to shoot for. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie! You guys are very wise!

  6. You are not fruit loops…not that fruit loops are bad because they happen to be one of my favorite treats…but you are just very wise. And wisdom comes from above…following the principles in God’s Word. And while the world would think “how horrible” to “suffer” without electricity…that makes more work and less time for “myself”; God says that simply submitting to each and every area in which He leads you yeilds joy unlike anything the world will ever know! He is so wise and good!!!
    We love living simply and “Daddy” always says that the less expenses we have, the more we can give! And it is more blessed to give than receive! Again…pure joy! 🙂
    We too have lanterns and lose power often. We’d do just fine without it…except….laundry might be a bit difficult. But the children are just getting older and soon enough, with a couple of wash boards, should be able to help me clean up a day’s clothing in no time 🙂


  7. Kim this is so funny. I was on board with the actual idea of cleaning the clutter. Then I saw your results and thought, that’s awesome, but whew I don’t know that I could/would go that far. Then the whole cutting out electricity!? Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great if you have the time/energy/wisdom to do it, but wow! The funny part comes in is when I was telling Ryan about all your changes and pretty much everything I said above. He commented back that he thought it would be great. I then explained all the things that use electricity in our house like, computer, washer, fans, cell phone charger, water heater, etc. and you should have seen the astonishment on his face. All he said was, how can they do that? I guess the Lord has to call you to it. It’s like my mom says, I like that for you, but I just couldn’t do it. Blessings! I look forward to seeing your results!

  8. we wanted to go off the grid completely too but when checking into “windmills” we ran into a little glitch called TVA. It seems that when your “off the grid” in Tn you are still “on the grid”

  9. Uhh…does that mean no more website?

  10. Hello!!!!!

    It seems the Lord is guiding our families in similar ways. We just got our new kerosene lanterns this week and have not used lights for 3 days now!!! (which is very easy in the day, b/c we have lots of great big windows!!!) We also have not used the heat/air pump for almost a month now. I am anxious to see our next electric bill. We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us next.
    I love y’all. See you in a few days!!!!!!!!!!


    PS… by the way… I am all about the de-cluttering!!! Just finished some of that this week myself!!!!!!!

  11. Kris,

    I’m not sure what the future holds. I think letting electricity go entirely may be several months off, maybe until we find our own land. We would just like to be moving in that direction and getting used to things a little at a time so it won’t be such a shock! I’m not sure about internet. I know that a lot of people mange to find batteries to power their computers, so that is an option. I do hope, however, that I’d be willing to give it up if I had to!

  12. Makes perfect sense to me. We were non-electric for a couple of months at our last house. We did not have it when we got there and had to have it put in. If you can find something solar to help you it would be good. Maybe something that would solar charge some batteries. It is far more expensive to run oil lamps than electric ones. We tried oil and kerosene. They both were more expensive.

  13. I think the oil lamps are a great idea! I’m ashamed to say that we have several oil lamps, but have never used them! My husband bought them over the years because he likes antiques (so, they’ve just been decorative). I will suggest to him that we try it out. I know that feeling of satisfaction in cutting back on the utility bills. I started hand-washing laundry over the summer, and LOVED not using the washer and dryer. By the way, thank you very much for kindly becoming a “follower” of my blog. I’ll be checking in frequently, thanks!


  14. OK, So…I’m commenting again..You are probably sick of seeing my name come up:) but if you haven’t already been to this blog you’d enjoy it.

    Or just look for them on my bloglist.
    They are a “normal” family living among the Amish and living off-grid just as the Amish. It’s quite encouraging and inspiring. I think that’s my word for tonight…Inspiring.

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