Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | October 6, 2008

Simplifying the girls’ room

Oh, I had fun today! Do you see this? Do you see these three beautiful garbage bags? They are full of all manner of toys, clothes, and other unidentifiable objects that WE WILL NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN UP AGAIN!

Look at this clean room. It actually has a fighting chance at staying that way! My children can actually clean it without feeling like they have been told to climb Everest. Maybe the joy in knowing that will help with the knowledge that about 80% of their belongings are gone!

One baby doll per girl. One purse per girl. One stuffed animal on her bed. A handful of stuffed animals were kept for sentimental reasons in a hammock close to the ceiling. If they want to get one down they must trade in the one on their bed. Each girl received her own drawer in which to keep personal possessions. The drawer must shut. If it doesn’t they must eliminate something. (Am I heartless, or what?)

All their worldly goods. In a drawer.

Ooh, come look at the toy shelf. Do you see? There are some EMPTY bins. Ah, empty is so nice! Four of the bins are for their shoes. I’m hoping to narrow the shoes down to two pair per child.

Yes they do have a few more toys. I’m keeping them on the top shelf in their closet. They will have to have an adult get them down. He he he. If you’ll look closely at the next picture you will see something truly miraculous. You will see a closet shared by four females that has SPACE between the clothes! You read that right. God did it. That’s all I can say!

Pray for me, please.  Tomorrow the Lord and I are going to tackle the kitchen!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful girls room! I can’t help asking- How did your daughters react to stage 1 of the Reformation?

    It looks great, can’t wait to see how the kitchen goes!


  2. It looks great!! I can’t believe you got 3 big bags full. I bet the girls even feel better now. Thank you for the inspiration. Can’t wait to see the kitchen.:)

  3. Good for you! If I ever get through with canning and freezing, you have inspired me to go through all of our “treasures” again. Oh, the silly things we hold on to! Terri

  4. really good, but the one thing I would caution is that play in a childs life really is training for adulthood. we have 5 daughters. the bible says to be fruitful and multiply. I encourage this through having lots of dolls. they love it. we compromise with clutter by allowing only one outfit per doll. but this again is part of casting that family vision on our children. and there is nothing like watching the kids set up a tea party for their dolls. its a big tea party. I wonder if lil’ tykes makes an fifteen passenger doll van? God bless and stay diligent

  5. I read this post to my kids and Meagan started crying that she had TWO special baby dolls! I think they were terrified I was going to get the trash bags!! Well, that just screams, “I’m too attached to my stuff!” We might just need to do some cleaning out around here too. Anyway, good for you. I’ve been tempted to strip things bare for a while now. Congrats for having the guts to do it!

  6. Looks beautiful…Inspiring me to good works.


  7. Claire,

    The girls’ have handled it very well so far. I actually think they had so much stuff that they don’t even know what is missing! I’m sure over the next few days they will find some things missing!


    You know, I’ve never really thought of it that way! My girls seem to be pretty careless with their babies when they are lying around everywhere. In the past, when I’ve had them down to one, they always seem to be much more attentive and attached to their special baby. If they want to be “fruitful vines” they can always borrow their sisters’ babies, or their baby brother!

  8. good idea about the borrowing, that will also teach them to properly treat and return other peoples property …hmmm 2×5 is ten, that’s multiplying right? so just a regular twelve passenger lil’ tykes van will do.

  9. just was wondering how every thing was going? canning aside are you being diligent in your downsizing? God bless

  10. Agh! So funny…I told you I think we think alike. My daughter has the same butterfly spread and sham! hee-hee

    I am on a mission to simplify, as well. Your writings keep inspiring me to get busy.

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