Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | September 19, 2008

We’ve been waiting for you!

Hello, friends! I’ve been bursting at the seams wanting to chat with you! Thanks for stopping by! So much is going on over here in our little world. Wanna hear about some of them? Well, pull up a seat out here on the porch and I’ll grab you a basket of beans to break!

Our family has grown since we last talked. Nope, not that way, although it’d be nice! We have adopted a sweet little boy named Benjamin. He’s so snuggly sweet!

He hardly ever has a chance to sink his paws in the grass, carried around in baby blankets as content as can be. Many mothers never hurt anyone, just ask Caleb!

Speaking of Caleb, my heart is breaking and filling up all at the same time. He is turning into a little boy right in front of my eyes! He is even trying to talk. Bye bye. Night night. No no. And especially milk milk, spoken as he signs it and stares at me longingly. Oh, were there ever such riches as little ones? Why does God give such undeserving people such unspeakably wonderful gifts?

I give my apologies to any Levi’s talent scouts out there who want my boy for the next model. He’ll be in the garden picking beans. No time for stuff like that. Little Kate was standing by when I took this picture and exclaimed, “Mama! Caleb looks like a man!” Oh, it made my heart hurt!

Here, let me take those beans for you.  My, you’re fast!  Almost as fast as Ashlynne.  She’s the champion bean breaker in the house.  Oh, yeah, that reminds me…..

Miss Ashlynne has accomplished a tremendous feat. She has learned to ride a bike! Yes, at nine years of age she is making up for lost time up and down the driveway. Over and over! This is probably one of the very last milestones we’ve been waiting for. God is so good!!!!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that my Beloved can do anything. Well, here’s more evidence. I’m not sure he wants me to tell everyone this, but he has a new hobby. Canning! Oh, I’m delighted!

If you’ll look closely, you can see that he has a gun on his hip.  What, you mean your man doesn’t pack while he cans beets?  Well, we’re having problems with coyotes stealing our chickens and Josh wanted to be ready.  One down, who knows how many to go!

Oh, listen to me.  Gabbing away without letting you get a word in edgewise!  Come with me out to the line and we’ll hang out the wash while you tell me all about what’s new with you!  OK?



  1. FANTASTIC photos. Every last one of them…

    THIS is what blogging is all about.

  2. We adopted an 8 week old kitten just before Summer. She LOVES to play hide-n-seek, but watch out for that unsuspecting pounce!! I’d talk more, but I’m running out of clothespins!!

  3. I love love LOVE the pics you posted. Are you guys coming out here soon??? we miss you!

  4. Now that is a farmer, canning & protecting his (chicken’s) home all at the same time. My brother-in-law (a proud exerciser of the 2nd ammendment) would be so thrilled to see other’s exercising their right! Anywho, yep we got two of those furry little things running around, hey Jen over there with those pins, when are you going to take one of these off our hands. We really got to get together to exchange fellowship, food & animals 😉

    Man a family of seven sure has a lot of work to do but I enjoy helping (especially when it’s through the cyber world 🙂


  5. Cute pics. I noticed you had been MIA for a little while (I was too since we went through a hurricane.) Glad to hear everything is great with your family. Caleb sure is getting big and he is so adorable. 🙂

  6. Cute pics! My husband helps with the canning also (when he can). He also makes pickled green tomatoes and cans them. I am enjoying your blog. I can’t remember how I came upon it, but it has been interesting reading about your move and new home. We live on 8 acres, have chickens, and a big garden. I don’t have a outside clothesline though, but wish I did. Fresh sheets off the line, wonderful!

  7. Why did you name him Benjamin? I remember your other one was named Gilbert. Benjamin is a good name though. Just curious. want to send you a video about making aprons out of old jeans.
    Lemme see if this works…

  8. well.. rats.

    that is the link.

  9. wait till you marry him!!!
    That’s what we have just done this last saturday!!!
    Our lovely curly and chubbie baby boy …
    I was given a bag of beens, so I will go and cut them!!

  10. I love the fact that your hubby is packing a gun while canning! My hubby would be impressed. He packed a gun this weekend, but only because we were out in bear country… :O You guys are awesome!


  11. smallb,

    The girls were driving me nuts poring over a baby naming book, arguing over what to name him, so I picked one. I know, not a very interesting story behind the name, but there it is! As for Gilbert, I named him after the childhood love of my life. Gilbert Blythe!


    Hi girl! We are planning on coming in for a wedding October 17. It’ll probably be straight there and back, since it’s in the middle of harvest, so not sure how many people we’ll be able to see. Sniff, sniff. However, we hope to be back for a couple of weeks around Christmas! Hope to see EVERYBODY then!

  12. lol! I have to look at an animal verrrrry verrryy hard before I can name them. Sometimes it takes days. I was just wondering if he looked like a benjamin to you. Kira, my black pug dog, was named by my mom cause she looked like an actress.

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