Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | August 6, 2008

A big boy in the house!

The birthday flag is flying once again in our house today! One year ago our first son was born at our home and we’ve been in love ever since! Happy birthday, Son! Caleb is dealing with a cold this morning. What a present, huh? But as you can see, he’s still smiley, and I’ve been getting lots of snuggling that he normally doesn’t have time to give. I will try to post some pictures of the day’s festivities tomorrow.

We are having quite a week! We started our school year Monday and things have been running fairly smoothly. Granted, we do have lots of new stickers, markers, and other amusements for the little ones so they are a little more happily occupied than usual! I took the traditional “first day of school” picture:

Here are my kitchen table scholars at their first task. (Although they’ve been reading or writing or working on something all summer, anyway!)

And this was Lauren’s very first day of school. Well, sort of. OK, not really. I’m not really enthusiastic about the whole “formal” school and grade level approach to homeschooling. I don’t want them to associate learning with having to sit at a table at certain times of the day at certain times of the year. I’ve found that my children learn huge amounts without formal work at all. (Not having TV certainly makes reading very exciting.) I wouldn’t even know what grade level to put them in, to be honest. Lauren would technically be starting kindergarten, according to age, but I believe she’d be a little advanced, seeing as how she’s helping Kate with her phonics right now. Anyhow, here’s that first day of “school” picture:

Food preservation has begun in earnest.  Check out our carrots:

And check out who’s washing and chopping them:

He, he, he.  We’re going to freeze some and root  cellar the rest.  Not all, in one basket, you know?  I guess “school” is going to have to wait for just a bit.  I can’t imagine them learning anything from preparing and preserving food for the winter.  Alright, I’ll crawl off my soapbox.  We’re also going to be putting up sweet corn today.  I’m so thankful for every little bit we can put back!

I guess it’s time to go.  I’ve got a few things to do.  Oh, can anyone guess what kind of cake we’re having for Caleb tonight?  Hint:  It’s not corn!



  1. Such a cute family and an adorable little one year old. I have a 20 month old son who is just a delight to us. We have never grown carrots before, but I am in the midst of green beans, peppers, and tomatoes. Our peas should be coming in this weekend.

  2. My daughters birthday is today too! Happy Birthday Caleb!! The school pictures are great. I wish we had somewhere to grow stuff. In time I hope we will. I would love to have a bunch of freshly picked veggies and fruits.

  3. Happy birthday to Caleb! I’ve just loved reading your blog these past couple of days- you have no idea how it’s encouraged me. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your page from my blog!! I got home from work excitedly last night and drug my hubby upstairs to the computer to show him your blog and the exciting life your little family leads! He was impressed, and I think he got the hint, haha (he knows we’re *just* about ready to start having kiddos- but a little nervous at the same time since when we start, we don’t plan on stopping for a while!!! lol!). And I like your approach to homeschooling.. I plan to do the same with my kids one of these days. 🙂

    God bless you guys!

  4. Yummy! Carrot Cake, right! Happy Birthday Caleb, one day after mine!!!

    Megan Reed

  5. Hi. Just found your site. We homeschool/homechurch our five by Hastings, NE. Great family pictures.

  6. Hi! Happy birthday to Caleb! Guess those 2 babies (now one baby and one big boy!) were busy sharing some germs on Sunday because Abby’s got it too! Her first ever cold. Oh well, she couldn’t have shared it with a nicer boy 🙂

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