Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | August 3, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

The whip was cracked early Saturday morning.  Time to dig carrots before it got to be 100 degrees.  It was a beautiful morning.

Why do people do insane things?  Why put 5 children out in the grass in the heat of the day and expect them to all smile and look at the same time?

OK, that’s a little better.

Attention America!  An exclusive first look at Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, and… ethanol.  (Nope, not our corn.  We’d be sitting pretty if it was.  Do you know what corn is going for right now?)

Great jubilation is in the air when going for the monthly grocery shopping excursion.  Everyone look at the camera and say, “Air conditioned vehicle!”

Sunday buddies:

She’s got the whole world in her hands!

A little Salatin is an essential part of any child’s spiritual training!

It’s bound to become a summer Sunday tradition:  Find the only air conditioned room in the house and crash!



  1. The pictures are adorable. You guys had a very fulfilling weekend.

  2. Wow, your garden is so big and healthy looking! Mine looks very piddly compared to yours! :0) Someday, I hope to have one like that. Loved all the pics, your children are beautiful! Thanks for visiting!


  3. Cuties! My parents just got back form Iowa and say the corn crop is even taller than normal due to all the rain this year. It had to be 8, 9 maybe even 10 feet tall. That’s two kiddies tall, wow!

  4. Hope you’re having a lovely day…checking in to invite you over to my blog for a neat book giveaway! Come for a visit! :0) Brandi

  5. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog through my sister’s (Jenig)! What a beautiful family you have! Your pictures make me want to move to the midwest and have a farm, but I don’t think my very Alaskan Man would quite go for that! 😉 Your pictures ALSO make me want to get going and start having some babies! At least there’s a much better chance of *that* happening than of moving to somewhere that is 100 degrees in the summer! haha

    God bless!

  6. Will you be canning some of the bounty from your beautiful garden?
    Please contact me by email.


    Bills Beloved

  7. lovely pictures!
    yesterday we got very upset with our two hens …one of them was making an awfull noise . I thought something was very wrong with her and I wondered how I could help her … Till we discoverd two eggs under her.
    It was quite a choc because they are only 3
    month old!
    We found 2 other eggs in the garden!how exciting!!

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