Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 29, 2008

What a WOMAN!

Oh, how I love stories like this!

How it confuses the world.

How it flies in the face of our “you need to make yourself happy first” society.

This poor, poor lady with so many children to love serve. How in the world can she possibly be happy with no “me” time?  Oh, how those children must limit their ministry opportunities. (Snort, snort, sorry!)  What poor stewardship of their time and money.

How will those children ever grow up to be normal when they can’t just be lazy, good for nothings enjoy their childhood? How unfair to them! They might just grow up to esteem people more than possessions! Tsk, tsk. They’ll never fit in the real world. (Don’t they all look bitter and starved for attention?)

And, oh my, that carbon footprint…..



  1. I feel giving attention and love and the feeling to be unique is already very difficult with my five (in five years)! And must say I did not want my elders to replace the parents. I was very carefull to allow them to be childrens, not little adults. But they have all learnt to be helpers. (they are now betwenn 22 and 27 years old)
    I have met children from such large families et they say they will never do the same…
    The day they are all grown and away from home…I just wonder how they will do with phone calls! It already takes up alot of my time just having phone calls from three of my kids!!!:-)
    Have you heard about the jeub family or the duggar? I am sure you will love to visit there sites! and the Pan clan?

  2. So wonderful to meet mommies and daddies that are allowing children as blessings and to receive all that the Lord has for them!! May the Lord bless your home and womb with thousands in Israel!!!
    Cindy Morris

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