Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 22, 2008

Kids say the craziest things!

You know how sometimes you don’t really understand what your child means, but you just know it’s really funny?  Here is a conversation I had with Rachel as she was making bread this morning.

“Could I just spill this whole bucket of wheat on the floor, Momma?”  (Picture a mischievous smile.)

“Sure,” I replied, “If you’d like to find a new home.”

“Why would I want to find a new home?”  she mused.  “If I did find one, I’m sure it wouldn’t be organic!”



  1. LOL. How cute. I would have been laughing like crazy.

  2. too cute!!
    by the way…we also have hen poop every where…They love to look in the house to see what we are doing and we really have a lot of fun with our two hens who are locked up only at night!
    Thank you for giving them a life of freedom!!

  3. sorry for the double com but they were telling me I had already posted this com when I hadn’t… so I tried again and again…then changed place!

  4. i’m glad I’m not the only one who threatens my children with permanant displacement. makes me almost feel normal.

    Please give A a big fat hug from me and tell her to keep an eye on her mailbox.
    : )

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