Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 21, 2008


There is great comfort in the familiar, and these sweet faces are indeed familiar!

Last week, Bryan, Macon, and their cute kiddos stopped by on their way back from vacationing in Colorado to visit with us for a few days. A few days just didn’t seem quite long enough, but it helped! We go way back, about nine years, I think.

They endured many hardships to bless us with their presence, poor souls.  No air conditioning, whole wheat, thunderstorms, chicken poop on the porch, and honey- sweetened… everything!

The kids were a little excited!

Katharina and Benjamin were just the same size. They looked like twins! I wonder what he is thinking here:

Of course, we couldn’t let an occasion go by without a visit to Red Robin.

I think Lauren summed it up when they pulled out of the driveway:

“Why couldn’t they just stay the whole summer?”



  1. by the way…we also have hen poop every where…They love to look in the house to see what we are doing and we really have a lot of fun with our two hens who are locked up only at night!
    Thank you for giving them a life of freedom!!

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