Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 6, 2008

Their wish is his command!

My sweet Daddy came to pick up my mom and to stay for a week himself.  He pulled into the driveway in his tiny Ford Escort and had the backseat crammed full of goodies, one of which was a jeep for Kate.  Do you think she was excited?

He and Mom also produced a pool for Kate’s upcoming birthday, which everyone enjoyed.  Even me.

Water straight from the well was a little chilly for Katharina!

Dad also put new tires and tubes on all the girls’ bikes and taught Lauren to ride a two wheeler.  Way to go Laurie!

Next on his grandbaby spoiling mission was assembling an old swing set stored in the barn.

Caleb thinks it’s just for him!

Being Daddy’s little girl, as well, I got my share of spoiling, too.  In the back of that car was also a computer chair and a lamp for my living room.  I have to be extremely careful what I say in front of my parents.  If they think you want something, they will oblige.  I also got almost an entire honey – do list wiped out.  I think Josh is relieved!

Much more wonderful than all the gifts and service were sweet times of fellowship.  Every evening we watched Andy Griffith season one.  One of my favorite sounds is my daddy’s laughter.



  1. How incredibly sweet of your dad and mom. You guys are very blessed to have such a great family. The new photo of the 7 of you on the sidebar is adorable. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. This one almost made me cry. You know, I never can figure out which is stronger, a parents love for their children or a grandparents love for their grandchildren. I love you guys. Kim, you have always been a blessing in my life. There for a reason. An angel to remind me what life is like when you stick with your faith.

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