Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | July 6, 2008

Our baby girl is 3 today!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Katharina!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for three years with such a darling, wonderful little girl!

Kate informed me as I put her down for a nap just a few moments ago that she would never be two again.  Oh, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Did I enjoy her enough?  Did I do all I could to show her Christ’s love through me?  Did I pray for her enough?  How I long for less regrets at birthday number four!

We celebrated yesterday, since Mamaw and Papaw had to leave last night.  We started the day off with her favorite breakfast.  Biscuits and gravy, of course, being a southern gal!  We have a tradition of putting candles in their breakfast.  You just can’t blow out candles too many times, you know!

In the afternoon we went to the park for cake and ice cream.  Lots of sweet memories….

See, I really was there!

Here is the well known “everyone line up in front of the cake” picture:

And the “opening presents” pictures:

What a day!!!!!!



  1. I’m sure you have heard this before, but… you look soooo young and beautiful!! How do you do it?!

  2. Happy Birthday to your big girl!!! This year my oldest is turning 5 and it is really hitting me hard. I wasn’t prepared for them to grow up so quickly. Love the photos. Your kids are SO cute.:)

  3. ahhhhhhh, Happy Birthday to young Miss Kate. Ryann said she was the cutest little girl in the nursery, and always her favorite. So are you still coming back in Sept?? We miss you!!

    PS Please give the little authoress a hug from Mrs. Ig (and all the others, too, of course) 😉

  4. A Happy Birthday to you,
    A Happy Birthday to you,
    Every day of the year,
    May you feel Jesus near.
    A Happy Birthday to you,
    A Happy Birthday to you,
    The best that you ever haaaa-ad!

    The Reeds of East TN

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