Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | June 5, 2008

Wild Night on the Prairie

Sounds like a novel, huh?

I’ve always had  some kind of morbid fascination with thunderstorms.  At least I used to.  Tennessee thunderstorms were very mild in comparison to what we have been experiencing out here.  Rarely was I ever told to “take cover in the center of your home” for a mere thunderstorm back in Tennessee.  You could sit out on your porch and watch them roll on by if you wanted to.

Last night was a new experience.  We’ve had some semi-scary storms out here before, but this one was the worst yet.  All was fairly mild around midnight.  The children’s sleep hadn’t even been disturbed, so Josh and I were about to turn in, when wham!  A gust of wind hit our house that sounded like a freight train!  (Ok, so the old windows make the wind sound even worse!)  Our emergency radio alarm starts going off and tells us to expect 70 mph winds and golf ball sized hail.  Oh, goody!  Josh and I were looking out the front door when the hail started.  It was so loud that I could barely hear Josh’s instructions to get the children.

I’ve discovered it’s a little difficult to drag five half asleep children down the stairs when your legs are nothing but jelly.  With wind that was bending large trees almost double, large hail, and rain that was coming in sideways,  the idea of trudging across the yard to the storm shelter was not very appealing.  We opted to shove them all under the stairs.  Wasn’t a very popular idea.

Things calmed down considerably.  Our power was flickering, but we managed to check the doppler.  Our hearts sank a little at the long, red line that was creeping nearer.  Joshua decided to hit the cellar before it got here.  Again, not a very popular idea.

The rain was creeping in from all sides, making it a miserable little hangout.  We got 2 inches from one thunderstorm!

Notice Caleb’s big grin.  He was rather amused by everything!  Ashlynne wanted me to take a picture of her brave smile.  We only saw it when the camera was out!

Rachel, on the other hand, was not even slightly amused by the big event.

The Lord was very gracious and we didn’t have to stay in the cave very long.

The next morning, the crop damage was apparent, though it’s hard to tell the extent of the damage from the pictures.

It looks as if everything has been sheered off  with scissors.  Our big, beautiful garden looks very humbled.  Maybe we have been, too!

Some farmers in the area have lost everything.  But, that’s farming, and everyone out here knows it.  It appears we are to have even worse weather tonight!  We’ve been told not to get too excited again unless there are reports of rotation in the area.  I guess “tornado watch, favorable conditions, and significant wind sheer” are nothing to get excited about.  The neighbors would probably chuckle at these poor southerners afraid of a violent thunderstorm!

Though the yield of the olive should fail,

And the fields produce no food,

Though the flock should be cut off from the fold,

And there be no cattle in the stalls,

Yet I will exult in the Lord,

I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.



  1. Praise the Lord that he spared you any more damage than that. Does it look like the crops will still pull through on account that tonights storm or therefore future storms don’t do more damamge?

    Megan Reed

  2. Josh’s boss says to expect about half the regular yield in corn. If we get more tonight it’ll probably be lost. It amazes me that they do as well as they do out here! Everyone says this has just been a strange weather year.

  3. It has been a strange year out here on the prairie, and I hope most in your area have insurance for such. It was nasty here last night, too, but thankfully we have a basement and didn’t have to go outside to a cave! (My 14 mo old also thought it was very fun.) We’ve had a couple of thunderstorms go through again today, but they were ones you could watch from the front porch instead of the basement. :>) Let’s hope tomorrow is quieter!

    Also, I replied to your e-mail on midwives but from my regular e-mail address. I don’t need a reply from you, but did want to make sure it didn’t get sent to a spam folder.

  4. Glad you are all safe. I bet that it was an experience. I can just imagine how happy our 3 kids would be if we had to wake them up to go to a cellar. Love the pics of everyone together. Was it cold in there? It looks like it would be really chilly and wet. Be safe tonight with the new storms.

  5. Praise the Lord you’re all OK. I can’t imagine what it must be like living with Tornadoes!.They are an extremely rare occurrence in Australia. We just get tropical cyclones.
    God bless

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