Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | June 5, 2008

Chick Magnet!

My husband is quite popular with the ladies! They usually meet him at the car when he gets home from work and follow him everywhere he goes!

Look how they “flock” to him! I’m trying to keep my jealousy in check!



  1. Oh my gosh! You have me laughing out loud. I even read your post to my own “chick magnet” who happens to be home sick today. Also, I’d forgotten that your Beloved has a “real” job – for some reason I was thinking that the farm WAS his job!!

  2. His “real” job is a farm hand on a very large commercial farm nearby. We are hoping this is temporary while we get our own operation off the ground!

  3. Oh hilarious. Yeah, it’s funny how animals choose the person who feeds them over the one who gives them attention. The cats love Ryan, the feeder, although he could do without them and they could care less if I come or go 🙂

    Megan Reed

  4. A question…we have two young chicks about 2 month old in our garden close to paris…we are anxious they might flye over the fence…I suppose you do not have that problem???We are scared to let them run in the garden

  5. Nicole,
    I’m certainly no expert, but it’s been my experience that chickens like to stay in their own familiar environment. They will usually stay where they are being fed.

  6. Thank you…we should perhaps relax!!!

  7. I just showed this post to my husband. He grinned and said “The heifer runs to me!”

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