Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 29, 2008

Summer’s must have accessories

Yesterday my husband promised a surprise for his girls when he returned home from work. The waiting was difficult, but worth it. He returned with some fashionable accessories no young girl should be without!

Shovels, hoe, and cultivator, oh my! Is the Green Acres theme song running through your mind? Josh has them weeding sometimes at 6:30 in the morning. Which brings us to our next must-have. The family food plot.

Of course, the most well dressed yards of the year should always feature a few free range hens.

A few corn fields, just for show, wouldn’t hurt!

It may be snobbery, but I can’t imagine any place without a Kate and her Lamby Bam Bam.

Father-son bonding is always in fashion.

Finally, if you really want to knock ’em dead, throw in a fiery Nebraska sunset, courtesy of the Creator of the Universe.



  1. Beautiful from all angles!!

  2. love the pictures, kim! especially that one with the new gardening equipment–Kate’s looks almost twice as tall as her! 🙂

    love you guys and praying for you!


  3. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I am really loving it. I would LOVE to move out to the country but hubby loves being in the city too much. Your blog is very inspiring! I will be back often. The pic of your girls is too cute.:)

  4. Just happened upon your blog…….and really enjoyed what I’ve read here!!
    You have a very sweet family, and your obvious love for the Lord, your husband and children is precious!! We’re a large, home-schooling, home-steading family from KS.
    God Bless you and your family!!
    ~Elizabeth Ulmer

  5. I am struggling with envy over your garden, Kim. I know that must be a lot of work and look how straight your rows are! WOW! I planted a raspberry bush last year and I think I may get a whopping 20 berries for it’s first year. I may just be able to make one smoothie, you think!? Hahaha! Better lu** next year. (that’s a bad word in our house) ;).

  6. hello all,

    oh how i miss you ALL… i am longing for our “vacation” out there to see ya… every one looks lovely… I love you guys!!!!

    kiss all the babies for me…

    aunt brandi

  7. You have beautiful children! I love your farm.

  8. Good heavens your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! that is exciting. I hope your year is full of good things.
    love jen
    ps the link you have to my site is dead. I can now be found at

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