Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 21, 2008

Pray for Daniel Lockwood

The Lockwood Family are missionaries in Mexico. They have just found out that the father of the family, Daniel, more than likely has cancer. This is a dear family who truly has a passion to see the gospel preached to all the world and also to raise up an army of warriors for Christ. They have eleven young children and are begging for the prayers of the saints. Please pray for them! Please spread the word and be a part of a massive prayer chain that is stretching all over the world. I believe God is going to do amazing things!

If you can, please visit their site and leave some encouragement and tell them you are praying. Daniel is hospitalized and Jaynee cannot be with him because children are not allowed at the hospital. She desperately needs the help of the Church at this time!



  1. I think the Lockwood Family link isn’t working properly, since it dead ends me in your site. I’d be quite happy to leave an encouraging note of prayer for them, but need your help FINDING them! Thanks

  2. I found the Lockwoods from the blogroll list on the right of the page. Just click on The Lockwood Family. 😉

  3. Saw your comment on the Lockwoods and your farm name caught my attention, Oh, Spurgeon, Farmin and children and the Lord….dosen’t get much better than that!! We live on a small farm too, getting ready to butcher about 125 chickens, raise our own beef, we have milk goats and we also raise Boer goats for show, we started out little and the Lord is growing us, it so wonderful to live out with the children. My husband quit his cooperate ob 1 year ago to come home and work with his sons, they started a construction business and in between work on our farm. We have about an acre garden hoping to sell some of the produce. Your family is precious, keep seeking the Lord, raising the children for his kingdom. Our oldest sons, twins enjoy reading Doug’s blog too!! So thankful for the Lockwoods, they are dear friends!!
    Many blessings to your family!!
    Cindy Morris

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