Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 15, 2008

Spurgeon for breakfast

The children are now getting a healthy dose of Charles Spurgeon at the breakfast table.

I thought the Prince of Preachers might be a little too advanced for some of them, but they are actually quite attentive. (The food helps!) I even get reminded if we happen to forget.

I’m always looking for ways for us to have corporate study of the Word.  At this stage in my life, independent, quiet study is not realistic most days.  I could turn it into a source of real frustration and blame my children for needing me too much and hindering my relationship with God.  Wow that sounds terrible!  I might as well start requesting some “me-time”!  I’ve been encouraged recently to bring them along in my pursuit of knowing my Redeemer. I shouldn’t go to great lengths to get away from everyone to meet with him.  Serving my family is serving Him, not getting in the way of serving Him!

Studying with your children is no less holy or spiritual than studying alone.  Sure, a lot of the material we use is on a child’s level, (who’s to say I don’t need that, too) but it is also good to give them something to grow into, to ponder.  I love John and Noel Piper’s booklet “The Family: Together in God’s Presence.”

“Not everything children experience has to be put on their level in order to do them good. Some things must be.  But not everything.

For example, to learn a new language you can go step by step from alphabet to vocabulary to grammar to syntax.  Or you can take a course where you dive in over your head, and all you hear is the language you don’t know.  Most language teachers would agree that the latter is by far the most effective.

Sunday worship service is not useless to children just because much of it goes over their heads. They can and will grow into this new language faster than we think-if positive and happy attitudes are fostered by the parents.”

So, today is Spurgeon.  Tomorrow, Baxter and Edwards!



  1. Yes, It does seem like children demand so much of your time that you start to feel guilty not keeping up with your spirtual duties. One thing I have to remember also is that it is my duty to raise my children according to His word. In that I’m still fulling my duties. My children teach me everyday of meekness, love, joy, temperance, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith. Spurgeon is a favorite in our home, along with A.W.Pink, Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Watson, and Matthew Henry. I’ve found that short articles or sermons are easier for me to continue my own studies then long books. That’s just me though…
    Peace, Kris Ante

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