Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | May 6, 2008

Lady Laurie

I wanted to begin a series of posts where I could “shine the spotlight” on my children individually. There’s no better place to start than right in the middle with my sweet Lauren Olivia. Here are some things you just have to know about her.

1. Lauren turned five in January.

2. Has an extremely tender heart.

3. Our premie, that once weighed under 4 lbs, is the tallest, for her age, of any of our children so far. (And eats the most!)

4. Favorite pastime- playing doll house with her best buddy , Kate.

5. Has quite a knack for imitating accents. Especially Eliza Doolittle.

6. Is on lesson 53 in Teach your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons.

7. Gets into trouble the least of all her sisters-and always has.

8. Plays hard until she finally drops.

9. Really, really, really likes to mother her reluctant little brother.

10. Is a heritage from the Lord, a blessed arrow for our quiver, and a polished cornerstone for our palace.

We love you Laurie-Lou!



  1. I can’t believe that you failed to mention Lauren’s enduring nicname: “Laurie-Laurie Baggy-Pants”

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