Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | March 31, 2008

A few snapshots of our day

I thought I’d bring my camera along with me today just to see if I could get anything interesting.  And if it wasn’t interesting, I’d try to make it!

Our chicks have graduated out to the coop.  Good thing, too, because our house was beginning to smell like a coop.  Rachel put up a sign at the door, just to make sure there was no confusion.


 Our 52 Rhodies were doing well in their new quarters.  We are so thankful that we haven’t lost any and have had zero problems with any of them so far.


Every other Monday, we go to the library.  We were almost ready to load the van, when Lauren yells, “Momma, there’s a stunk in the yard!”


“A real black and white stunk!  Come and look!”


Yep, there was our “stunk”.  What I didn’t get a picture of was this fella coming up our first step.  I ran back inside rather quickly.  I’m wondering if it was rabid.  Surely it’s not normal for a skunk to approach you!  It did go on it’s merry way, and we decided to go on to the library.  I do think I’m going to be cautious before I run out the door for a while!

Due to thunderstorms the night before, the roads were pretty muddy.  Josh had warned me at lunch that the roads were slippery.  This is looking down our driveway.


Well, the driveway wasn’t that slippery, but the gravel roads were a different story.  I finally learned to drive in the very middle of the road so I would at least remain on it while the van slid from side to side.  Thankfully, I didn’t have too far to go before I hit a paved road.


By God’s grace we made it safely there.  Going to the library is like going to Disney world to my girls.



Yes, I know.  My boy will outgrow me in about six months.


Well, that was at least half of our day.  On the way home, the girls thought I should take a picture of our nearest neighbors.  I have to say they are pretty quiet.  They don’t give us a bit of trouble.






  1. Just recently found your blog – not even really sure how! The settings of our lives are very different, but the focus is the same. Your devotion, simplicity and humor are great nutrients for this “pressing on” wife, mother, pastor and more. I’ll be peeking in on a regular basis since – which I consider a privilege.
    Lives are best when SHARED!

  2. Hello I visited you before:)
    No your day wasn’t boring to look at at all! I have a 10 year old Caleb btw:) I too appreciate your simplicity like the above commenter said!

  3. Oh boy! That “stunk” is quite an adventure if you ask me! I will say that you should probably be thankful right about now that you don’t have a dog…he’d smell for days. Dogs like to show those “stunks” who’s the boss ~ somehow, it doesn’t usually work out like they planned. We had lots of them living around the neighborhood in Oklahoma…many a dog came running in the house with a horrible new odor.

  4. I love new chickies! We are trying to hatch some from our incubator. Have you thought about trying that? They are not too expensive (the incubators) and we never ever ever get tired of watching the little guys pop out of their shells. Somebody gave us another one a couple weeks ago so now we have both of them going. We are hoping to get a lot this summer and then butcher them in late fall

    Your neighbors look nice. You should bring them some cookies. ha ha ha snort.

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