Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | March 27, 2008

Oh, the possibilities….

    Tuesday I picked up my husband from work on the “big” farm and we took a little drive. I must confess I had a few butterflies in my stomach as we drove. Wouldn’t you if you were about to stand for the first time on the ground that you might be going to raise your family on, grow your food from, hand down to your children, and be buried on? OK, scratch the last one, that’s a little weird to think about. You would think on such a momentous occasion I would have made sure the camera batteries were fully charged, but no. Hence, I only managed to get three pictures.
    Joshua said I should tell you all that we do plan on fixing up the house a bit before we move in. You know, clean up the rubble in the house and put some plastic or something over the windows.– OK, as much as I’d like to let it go at that and see what kind of responses we get, maybe I shouldn’t. The house is much too far gone, although Lauren seemed to think it would do just fine. (That girl would be happy in a cave!)
    I wish I could describe how remote this place is. I think we’d be the only ones for a couple of miles. I thought the gravel roads out here were quite humorous, but the road the land is on doesn’t even have gravel! Yep, we’re talking about a good old-fashioned dirt road that is only passable when it is dry. We hear they might put us some gravel down if we build out here. The girls thought it quite an adventure to even get into the property– climbing under fences and dodging cow patties.
    We haven’t decided on this place for certain, but we certainly are leaning in that direction. A lot depends on the price. Josh’s boss owns the property, so Josh gets to work on him everyday! We are hoping for less than $1500 per acre. We also could buy a few acres at a time, as we could afford it, allowing us to not have to go into debt. Isn’t God good! Please pray that He will give us wisdom as we make this important decision.


  1. Sounds very exciting. The remoteness of the area seems very inviting. I ‘discovered’ your blog yesterday and have ejoyed reading it. Macon and I agree that you are a very good writer. Give my best to Josh!

  2. Hi Kim, I’m just reading over your experiences and I’ll have to say coming from Tennessee, you took to Nebraska much quicker than I did! I came from Georgia and it was culture shock…The pictures are so inviting and now I could dream and dream of the potential of the land available here! Funny how life and the Lord of course, can change us for the better if we let it. I wish I’d been at that place years ago. Here’s a link of what I thought of Nebraska years ago, when we were first moving here…

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