Posted by: firstfruitsfarmne | February 27, 2008

I am a Liberated Woman

Now I know that any of you who know anything about me know that the title of this post doesn’t mean what it sounds like. What have I been liberated from? I’ve been liberated from the disposable diaper! This is my latest fix.

Ta-da! The cadillac of cloth diapers!mom-and-girls-feb-08-ne-019.jpg

I’ve been liberated from trips to the not-so-nearby Wal-Mart to pick up diapers, I’ve been liberated from the cost of buying diapers for two children, and my husband has been liberated from trying (in vain) to burn the wretched things.

My Beloved reminded me that I haven’t been liberated from swishing my new didees in the toilet, but at least that’s all I have to do. Ashlynne and Rachel are getting pretty handy at loading them in the washer, hanging them on a rack by the corn stove, and putting them away. They will actually argue over who’s turn it is to wash diapers!

But do they work? Yes! They’re great! I found repairable Bumgenius diapers online for a crazy price and ordered a stash of twenty. Half seem to be in perfect condition, and the other half needed to have the leg elastic replaced, but it’s a simple fix. They don’t even leak at night and they are still dry to the touch in the morning.

Here is my sweet little Caleb, modeling his new get-up:


Here’s another pic, just because I couldn’t resist:




  1. Ok, that is the most beautiful house I have ever seen!! Wow, what a place! You say there are extra rooms? Need any extra diaper washers?

    Your family is beautiful, Kim!! Congratulations on your TEN year anniversary!! I can hardly believe it. Deric and I will celebrate ecstatically our very 1st year of marriage on April 7th. Due to a limited budget, I think the plan is to drive to Chatty,celebrate Mom’s birthday with her, and sneak off for a trip to a coffee house and maybe a dinner and movie out on the town:)

    So, about those amazing diapers. Where did you get them? As soon as God blesses us with children, I want some of those things.

    Your blog looks great!!!

    Much love and many blessings in Jesus’ name,

  2. How come I’m just now hearing about this blog?!!!! I’m offended.

    Kim, I’m so proud of you for taking on the cloth diapers. Maybe if I ever get into my own house again….sigh….I can pick that back up. 🙂

    Miss you guys terribly. Love you!

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